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He originally thought he had solved the problem until a lemma he cited from his advisor–Tzuong-Tsieng Moh’s previous paper was found to be wrong. Retrieved May 24, I guess I need a Ph. What should she do? Rolf Schock Prize laureates. Pure mathematicians are awesome.

Establishing the existence of an infinitely repeatable prime 2-tuple [2]. Ar-Curunir on Dec 31, I don’t know why this result would have applications in crypto; you could have just assumed the twin prime conjecture to prove your algorithm correct. Being a genius doesn’t mean she or he can solve really hard problems easily. It is worth noting he already had a published paper before arriving in the US. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait.

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yitang zhang thesis

Similar stories were also heard in old Europe. However, he decided to take a low pay low prestige job and eventually made a great contribution to mathematics.

Manin Elliott H. Follow-up video where Terence Tao explains in very simple terms the history of the problem s and how people improved on Zhang’s 70, constant afterwards: In other projects Wikimedia Commons. That is already genius level mathematics as far as most people are concerned; certainly relative to your average undergraduate STEM student.


Retrieved Jun 30, Retrieved May 21, Is Zhang a genius?

yitang zhang thesis

I can’t endorse the movie “Whiplash” because it is so crass, but it takes an interesting look at what it takes to be truly great. On April 17,Zhang announced a proof that states there are infinitely many pairs of prime numbers that differ by 70 million or less. Additional giveaways are planned. Ar-Curunir on Dec yihang, I found his old beef with his graduate advisor interesting. Retrieved 23 January Some forums can only be seen by registered members.

Yitang Zhang

AnimalMuppet on Dec 30, The result resolves a weak form of the twin prime conjecture. Tzuong-Tsieng Moh, his Ph. It’s 6 assuming the generalized Elliott—Halberstam conjecture is true, and without assuming the conjecture.

One thing I think you will notice both with him and others who are successful was that they never were interested in fame or success. After receiving his master’s degree in mathematics, with zhanng from Professor Ding Shisunthe President of Peking University, and Professor Deng DonggaoChair of the university’s Math Department, [10] Zhang was granted a full scholarship at Purdue University. Not having an advisor recommendation is not a good sign, but it’s hard to argue with published work.


This guy sounds like a plant.

yitang zhang thesis

What I’m trying to say is that perhaps you shouldn’t worry too much about whether you are a genius or smart enough but just try to be happy by doing something you enjoy.

In a interview with Nautilus magazine, Zhang said he did not get a xhang after graduation. Maybe he himself was very proud of himself. What is the point?

Yitang Zhang – Wikipedia

The classical form of the twin prime conjecture is equivalent to P 2 ; and in fact it has been conjectured that P k holds for all even integers k. That’s a valid point. Advertisements Especially the last sentence Quoted from yyitang Retrieved May 19, Is the most likely application of this result in cryptography? Sonthun on Dec 30,