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Dissertation defense meeting must be held 4 or more weeks prior to your graduation date Work with committee to agree on a date and time. Complete data collection, data analysis, and writing. For formatting specifics—see the Graduate School Dissertation and Thesis page 7. A written list of required revisions should be developed and agreed to by the committee. Create and send announcement of dissertation defense meeting via email to the Department Chair, Graduate Dean, College of Health and Behavioral Sciences Dean, and College of Education Dean, for dissemination to campus community.

Copies of the approved proposal are to be distributed to the department chair for the department file, the major professor, and the student. After all the corrections requested by the dissertation committee have been made, submit to the Graduate School a hard copy draft of the document to be reviewed for formatting compliance. Dissertation defense meeting must be held 4 or more weeks prior to your graduation date Work with committee to agree on a date and time. All expressions and grammar should be used in the correct way. In creating your announcements, you can use one of two styles.

This step must be completed at least 3 week prior to graduation. Data Collection and Writing 1.

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The student is responsible for all arrangements and details associated with conducting their dissertation study including but not limited to securing the necessary research settings ssubjects, observers, data collectors, and so forth.

At this time, student may send draft of dissertation document to Graduate School in Torreyson for formatting review.

uca dissertation proposal

The abstract plays the cardinal role of creating first impressions of a candidate’s work. Signatures of the committee members are required.

Guide to Completing the Dissertation

It should therefore be well organized around the problem statement this dissertation addresses, the research approach deployed, the main findings and their theoretical and practical implications. Consider inviting other graduate students to the meeting in order to assist you in taking notes and to allow the non-proposing students an opportunity to observe and learn more about the proposal meeting process. It should not exceed words. All expressions and grammar should be used in the correct way.


MA Thesis Option

In most cases of approval, revisions to the proposals will be required. The chair or co-chair must be a member of the Counseling Psychology Core. Committees should provide feedback within proposql week. Schedule defense of the thesis, keeping in mind the following timeline: The documents are to be submitted in an appropriately-sized envelope that will accommodate both copies of the dissertation.

In the limitations section of this chapter, the weaknesses of their study need to be reviewed, providing input for the formulation diesertation recommendations for further research.

uca dissertation proposal

There should be a reflection on outcomes of the study. A dissertation proposal must be submitted to the doctoral committee, which will ascertain that the subject of the dissertation is business related, of doctoral quality, and that completion of the dissertation is feasible. Complete data collection, data analysis, and writing. In addition to being researchable, the topic should be important to the field.

Final verification that all requirements have been met will be given by the Graduate Dean who will notify the student and committee chair. For Counseling Psychology students — proposal must be approved prior to applying for internship. In other words, how do the findings contribute to current professional practice?

Complete the Committee Selection Form and turn it into your program director. You will work with your chair to decide which format you will use. Every chapter should begin with a brief introduction to guide the reader into the main contents of that chapter. Following approval, the student has reasonable confidence that the committee will approve the theses or dissertation if it is carried through competently according to the proposal.


Preferred time frames for proposal meetings include fall and spring semester, at least a month prior to the end of the semester. Potential members should be provided a brief prospectus on your project so they can make an informed decision about membership.

After all signatures have been completed, submit copies to each committee member and the original returns to the committee chair. Students must remain enrolled in a minimum of one credit hour thesis research hours each semester Fall, Spring, propoal Summer while working on the thesis.

If the doctoral committee approves the proposal, the student can move to the second stage of the main dissertation preparation and writing. A DBA dissertation should contain at least five chapters, namely i Introduction; ii Literature review; iii Research methodology; iv Findings, and v Discussion and Conclusions.

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The third reader should, if possible, be a graduate faculty member from outside of the English department. In the even that the vote of approval in not unanimous, the student is allowed to replace the single committee member who has rejected the disseftation before proceeding with the thesis.

Make Preparations for the Proposal Meeting Work with committee members to set a proposal date and time.