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Why you are applying. Make sure you respond only to the information in this document if you are applying. You possess the relevant clinical and other job related skills and attributes, and that you also understand why these are important in the job you are applying for. Include here, in brackets, using a smaller font, perhaps also in italics, a sentence about the organisation where you did your placement e. Yours sincerely [sign here] Kerri Ingleton. Sometimes you will see a job advertisement, set out in a similar fashion to the above example, which contains an additional instruction ……usually at the very end of the advertisement.

Address your letter to a person, not a position. In summary, use the information gained from your research to tailor your application. Below is a sample job and person specification. Summarise these attributes in your cover letter as well. Indicate that you are looking forward to an opportunity to meet them in an interview where you can further explain your suitability for the job.

Ensure that you check your document to remove any spelling or grammatical errors. You will need to allow time to collect your evidence and scan your documents. List in bullet point form some of the contributions clinical work you completed during your placement, for example:.

tppp cover letter

Address your letter to a person, not a position. That you are interested in the position.

tppp cover letter

A short introductory paragraph. My grandma died with dignity.

Transition to Professional Practice Program (T Triple P). Job Search Strategy

The aim of these programs is to effectively transition nursing graduates fppp being a student into professional lette as a Registered Nurse. Reality Shock in Nursing. You should also regularly check the weekly job alert emails issued by UniSA Career Services for graduate nursing positions as they become available.


Some general guidelines to follow when writing covering letters: However if you have an exceptional GPA, including this information is another way you can differentiate yourself from the competition.

Document your experiences in reverse chronological order, i. For example, take a look at the information in this nursing job advertisement which appeared on seek.

I did not take part in the ‘politics’ of the situation, such as issues between different personalities. Worked as team member in an exceptionally busy restaurant. Using information from your research, tailor the information provided in your application documents. Some guidelines for writing about your key strengths: Many students will have had part time and casual work while studying, often in jobs which are not related to nursing. The important lesson here You want to work in their organisation, not just any organisation that is offering a nursing position, and you can give some good reasons why this is so.

Requirements for providing specific information and documentation relating to your clinical placements. Sometimes your referees will have moved into a different organisation or role. If the reason for the award is not obvious include a brief explanation, in brackets, about what the award is about. Here, there are four areas of ability being sought — creative, innovative and flexible, and within a health care setting.


A useful way of organising your response is to think of each component within a criterion statement as being a mini topic that you have to write about. There may, for example, be: Send me the Word template. Ability to be, creative, innovative and letger when approaching issues within a healthcare setting. So, if you are going to include a career objective statement it must be an attention grabbera hook to encourage the reader to learn more about you.

Read the job description as often it will provide you with some important keywords that you can use in your resume and cover letter.

Nursing graduate cover letter

Express your Desire for an Interview Make your closing paragraph strong and memorable. The attributes you include must be closely related to the selection criteria. Therefore, in leter career objective, aim to highlight one, or two of your key strengths or attributes. As such, generic applications are promptly rejected by employers.

My focus was on the client outcome while maintaining my professionalism and supporting my colleagues.

The employer will ask for them at a later date.