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These contemporary cultural products The Jane Austen Phenomenon: Through the literary social network concerned, it will be analyzed how the use of comments in the chapters of novels, affected the development of the plot. The data from the semi-structured interviews and diaries were analyzed using content analysis. The collected data were then analyzed with regards to media dependency and popular culture which are some aspects that fall under Cultural Studies. Texts are created with the interaction of readers and writers in the application.

Many participants aim to be discovered as a popular writer thanks to the application. Literature is an ancient art that marked the path of humanity at different times. This study used phenomenology from qualitative research methods. The application has been widespread over the past four years in our country. Pero siempre mantuvo su estructura tradicional en cuanto a los roles del escritor y del lector.

El chico de los cds – Larry Stylinson pdf. Strawberry Milk – Larry Stylinson pdf.

In this way changes in the reading and writing habits of young ghesis in the modern age are examined. In the light of participant opinions, the research findings are as follows. From Leila Ripiano, are the examples chosen to delve into the subject and find out if we are facing the creation of a new type of social writing.

Similar conclusions were drawn from the results in-school writing because most of the participants felt restricted and under pressure during the in-school wattapd process.

The participants shared positive experiences characterized by willingness, diversity, meaningfulness, and entertainment. In this narrative style involving the interaction of the target group, same content can be published via various platforms, thus reaching a wider audience.


thesis tungkol sa epekto ng wattpad

Remember me on this computer. Analysing Comments in the Margins on Wattpad. With over 20 million writers and readers throughout the world, Wattpad has become a platform to be reckoned with. This study used phenomenology from qualitative research methods. Compared to writing, the demand for reading is higher in the application.

This paper focuses on Wattpad, a social reading platform on which people can add comments in the margins of books. Overall, no relationship was found between in-school and out-of-school reading and writing experiences. We describe a dataset built by scraping the Wattpad website: Log In Sign Up. En el presente trabajo se analiza las nuevas formas de literatura digital en el marco de la plataforma virtual Wattpad. The application is mainly used by high school and university students. Pucci and James Thompson.

According to the results, it was concluded that novel fictions were developed within the context of developmental needs and problems of adolescence and described by many risk-taking behaviors particularly negative selfperception of the characters and substance use, violence and aggression behaviors, non-healthy family patterns, wattpzd school adaptation problems. Wattpad was considered a venue where participants can express themselves comfortably.

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Both established and new authors can write on Wattpad, while publishers use the site to promote their titles, share exclusive content, serialize books online and even host contests to engage writers. This study focused on the modern styles on contemporary young adult fiction stories and books in the Philippines which were brought about by social media, and these were analyzed in order to see their significance to the young adult readers of this generation.


Wattpad is a social networking platform developed as a literacy application.

thesis tungkol sa epekto ng wattpad

All 12 participants 8 female, 4 male were middle To provide an example of the watgpad uses of the dataset, we introduce a simplified experiment with the sentiment analysis software Syuzhet.

This situation draws attention to the meaning and possible effects of stories or novels that are shared in the application for young people following the application. State U of New York P, By contrast, in-school reading evoked negative experiences, such as feeling obliged, bored, and restricted, and perceiving the activity as meaningless. Through the literary social network concerned, it will be analyzed how the use of comments in the chapters of novels, affected the development of the plot.

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thesis tungkol sa epekto ng wattpad

In this context, receivers can transform content by acting in narrative. The data were obtained from a survey of 75 epekho users and analyzed by content analysis using the NvivoPro program.