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C regions where phosphorus diffusion happened. The results showed that the extent of B diffusion suppression in Si and Si0. To analyze the thermal nitridation effect on P diffusion we can apply the point-defect assisted diffusion theory, as described in Ch. However, the case for P is quite different. Growth, Properties and Applications, 1st edition. For SiGe, the literature data for boron shows that the carbon impact factor RC is very close to that in Si, i. Chad Sinclair for being on my thesis supervisory committee and Prof.

Moreover, carbon also affects the diffusion media strain by compensating compressive strain in SiGe and thus affects the equilibrium diffusivities of a dopant. We will discuss this method and our experiments in more detail in Chapter 4. This can be done by epitaxial growth using a chemical vapor deposition CVD system, which is widely used in the semiconductor industry. For C molar fraction at 0. However, carbon diffusion is retarded under the nitridation condition, as seen in the carbon rising edge at the depth below 40 nm and in the falling edge in the to nm depth range. For crystals with low defect densities such as crystalline semiconductors, it is the point defects zero-order which act as the vehicles for diffusion. The domain of interest is partitioned in space and in time and approximations of the solution are computed at the space or time points.

sige hbt thesis

Meanwhile, the 91 experiment condition of some experiments may not be consistent, e. Showing result 1 – 5 of 7 swedish dissertations containing the words sige hbt. P in Si Ref. They studied the shrinkage and growth of preexisting oxidation-induced stacking faults see Figure 5.


In our modeling of coupled diffusion theais segregation, we establish our own Matlab code, which includes this effect.

The data points in diamonds are from Ref. This uncertainty was taken into account in our simulations. Therefore, all our samples were annealed for no less than 15 seconds.

These questions will be address as Topic 2 in Chapter 5. There was an implicit assumption behind this equation that diffusivity is independent of concentration and of its gradient. Therefore, the measurement of the angle of the X-ray beam is essential to the accuracy of this method. Since the segregation phenomenon causes undesired P profiles for PNP HBT device, this model is of practical importance for the device design trade-off consideration for optimized performance. UBC Theses and Dissertations.

University of British Columbia. The early studies in the s were conducted mainly using spreading resistance analysis to obtain impurity profiles and using analytic arguments to derive results.

In the engineering domain, it usually refers to physical objects which own certain utilities. The thermal budgets of the annealing were selected to avoid strain relaxation.


Any alloy with a smaller C concentration is thermodynamically metastable. These questions are addressed in this work. The use of this model eliminates the need of long time annealing and thick layers to extract segregation coefficients, which are not practical for many heterostructures with lattice mismatch strains.

sige hbt thesis

In this sense, Tin Sn is a potential candidate which may serve this purpose. For example, the identity of self-interstitial could be Si or Ge becomes a question and their roles in dopant diffusion is still not clear.


The remaining data are extracted from Ref. Our coupled diffusion-segregation model was then calibrated using these, which enables more accurate prediction of dopant profile evolution during sigr. For the carbon molar fractions we htb, 0.

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Below is an example of the code: If we parallelize the chronological evolvement of materials and the human understanding of them, one can immediately realize their strong interaction and mutual impacts. Based on these criterions, carbon became the ideal solution to suppress interstitial diffusers, such as B and P, as carbon can reduce the concentration of interstitials.

Its application in diffusion studies is an example. Bipolar transistors are so named because their operation involves both electrons and holes. Hiroshi Yasuda for his constant support and kind help during the entire project, Dr. The concentration of each charged defect is closely related to the doping level. These results generally agreed with previous studies and confirmed the hypotheses on defect injection conditions and impurity diffusion mechanisms.

C and boron diffusion in SiGe: For p-type dopants, the effect is similar while all the charge states are just reversed.