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Community organizations such as Ifetayo and the CAMBA hold extracurricular programs after-hours and on Saturdays in the building that are free-of-charge for PS students. There are several self-contained classes, but no Integrated Co-Teaching classes. Log in Sign up. In the summer, we provide books to students for summer reading. If convicted, Carrasquillo faces a maximum of three to seven years in prison for each child abused.

Teachers work closely together with the more experienced staff mentoring newer faculty. PS adopted a positive behavior PBIS approach to discipline with color-coded — red, yellow and green — charts in classrooms to indicate what kind of day a student is having. Children thrive with stepped-up arts activities. How do students perform academically? We are a learning school that continually works on getting smarter each year.

A positive school culture that promotes college and career readiness. Please enter your name here. Pamela Wheaton, May From Demographic Snapshot Enrollment. He was arrested Sept. They read from science textbooks, and take spelling tests.

Distinguished Schools: PS , The Caton School

To prepare for the city’s standardized reading and math exams, the school assesses students with tests at least three times a year. In the summer, we provide books to students for summer reading.

Other new immigrants come from Haiti and from African countries and are taught in regular classrooms by teachers trained in ESL. This story is a collaboration with Brooklyn News Service.


Mulgrew visits PS 249/The Caton School, Brooklyn

Post your own comments about schools. How many students miss 18 or more days of school? Students also get the opportunity for travel: You need a lot of things for plus kids to keep them engaged, said the principal. Discover your best options Middle School High School.

Caton School Teacher Denies Sexual Abuse Despite Testimony

Teachers ask kids good questions and invite back-and-forth conversation. Jonathan Fickies Paraprofessional Antoine Bogard helps students improve word recognition and writing skills in the afterschool session.

School Nurse Recognition Dinner May 8, From School Quality Guide Average daily attendance. United Federation of Teachers a union of professionals.

Create new account Request new catkn. Users must comply with our Terms of Use. Children dress in tidy uniforms-light and dark blue for grades and khaki and white for grades 4 and 5. There is always a buzz of activity, even on Fridays, when children typically are distracted by thoughts of a school-free weekend. If you don’t have a UFT.

Anti-Bullying Conference for Middle School Donate to InsideSchools Volunteer your time, send us your comments or make a tax-deductible donation to help us help you find the best school for your child. Describe your philosophy of school change or improvement. Once data is collected, a team that consists of Principal, Assistant Principal, Instructional Coach and Data Specialist meet with classroom teachers to discuss data by looking at actual results, projection of how many students can be pushed to proficiency and then create an action plan to improve student progress.


How many English language learners scored on the state reading exam? In his testimony, Carrasquillo said that he would hug his students, give them high fives and pat them. Students may play intramural soccer, dance to the beat of African drums, or learn the violin during the school day.

ps 249 caton school homework

Everyone must buy into the improvement of the school. It enrolls many students who arrive with little grasp of English. A hojework of extra-curriculars – such as soccer teams, or music or dance lessons, are available at the school. From School Quality Guide How many teachers have 3 or more years of experience teaching?

ps 249 caton school homework

He worked at PS for eight years before he resigned following his arrest, avoiding the reassignment office, where pe could have continued to receive his salary.