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All in all the questions were pretty easy so I scored the maximum score. The above videos are in the course DATx: Our capstone was similar to yours, a lot of features that had to be visualized considerably to see which really mattered. Congrats and thanks for sharing your experience. Of course, previous experience matters a lot. Fully equivalent to a thesis, the Capstone is an in-depth, independent project undertaken by each student and supported by a supervisor from the faculty. The competition website gives you a training data set, a test data set and a data glossary.

People will try to help you without giving away all the answers of course. Your blog really helps with the expectations. Good luck with your capstone project! What can I find here? Why not have Internet voting, when we can pay taxes online?

Please search Recently Submitted Theses at https: Why not have mandatory voter registration in states—a database tied to something like SSN? Anyway, great write up and best wishes. Use Search our Collections feature on main page and enter author name. How has the trend affected the types of spending the state does? Your email address will not be published.

If some stuck with capstone project, is there any help available online or mentoring program. You write a report with all your findings. What can I find here? There you get your assignment; in my case predicting the average income of students in the USA a couple of years after graduating an institution of higher education.


I might suggest that anyone doing the capstone review projwct comment made by Graeme M. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Microsoft Professional Program in Data Science – The Finish Line

I have to say that I struggled a bit with the Statistics course. Is it purely an income taxing issue? Each capstone features a real-world dataset that focuses on an important captone in the social sector.

mpp capstone project

The second part is creating a predictive model. Hi Koen, Thanks for the good feedback!

Data Science Capstone

You will get credit on edX by pasting an encrypted token from DrivenData into a simple graded assignment form on the edX course. Notify me of new comments via email. Hi Koen, Suzanne, and Captone. How did the capstone project go? Complete copies of Capstone reports are available in most cases.

MPP Capstone

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Here is his comment in the Discussion forum during my capstone. The Capstone Research Project is the major project undertaken during the final year of the program.


mpp capstone project

If I can give you one piece of advice: The competition website gives you a training data set, a test data set and a data glossary.

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MPP Alumni Share Capstone Ideas with Current Students | Master of Public Policy at MSU

I ended up by creating a predictive experiment, but instead of publishing it as a webservice I modified it to use the test data set instead. If you like to work with multiple iterations, too bad, you can only do 3 iterations at a time. I will feel much obliged for your candid response so that I can manage my expectations and address any skills gap now before it gets too projsct in the process. Students could compare the different policies and regional conditions to evaluate which regions and policies would be most attractive for new investments from venture companies.

He’s also a speaker at various conferences. Hi Molly, I wish you good luck with the capstone. Why not have Internet voting, when we can pay taxes online? Select a Policy Category from list below to view Capstone titles and authors.