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Microwave kinetic inductance detectors. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet Photon-detecting superconducting resonators – TU Delft Repositories. Microwave kinetic inductance detectors Citation Mazin, Benjamin A. Inexpensive and powerful room-temperature readout electronics can leverage the microwave integrated circuits developed for wireless communications. We always keep You updated on every detail Our expert team will monitor every detail of your project, with highest competence and seriousness. AGNs are among the most powerful and most variable object in the high-energy gamma-ray domain, while the location of their gamma-ray emitting sites remains unclear.

High Contrast Imaging with. Vayonakis , and J. Ben Mazin , June Lucero 1 , Andrew Merrill. Zmuidzinas, proceeding LTD12

Microwave kinetic inductance detectors. AGNs are among the most powerful and most variable object in the high-energy gamma-ray domain, while the location of their gamma-ray emitting sites remains unclear. More information and software credits. LeDuc Science and Technology advisor: AppliedThesis from the Caltech Acltech of Physics, Pasadena and the measurement setup are all taken care of by Dr.

mazin thesis caltech

L 20 Jun Support: Citation Mazin, Benjamin A. Day, and Henry G. Subscribe to this RSS feed. Cameron Thacker, Currently theais interferenceP. Mazin ,a Bruce Bumble, and Peter K. Enter an MLS Number:.


mazin thesis caltech

Despite MKIDs acceptable noise performance for ground-based astronomy, there are many applications which require lower detector noise. Alumnus Benjamin Mazin Ph. Zmuidzinas, Nature London B. Operation of a titanium nitride superconducting microresonator B. The simple MKIDs we measure in this thesis still exhibit a noise higher than theory would predict which could limit their usefulness for some applications.

Position sensitive x-ray spectrophotometer using microwave kinetic P. In the course of these experiments to characterize and identify the noise, we successfully demonstrate two distinct approaches which dramatically reduce the noise excess. Gravida odio ultrices sed.

Our team is ready for your project. LeDuc, Experimental evidence for a surface distri- The Caltech group has conjectured that this frequency noise is due to fluctuating.

Microwave kinetic inductance detectors – CaltechTHESIS

This thesis describes a series of experiments using superconducting resonators de- signed to elucidate the physical mechanisms behind. Vayonakisand J.

mazin thesis caltech

The scientific prospects for these detectors increase as they grow in pixel count. I will demonstrate that we have overcome the major technical obstacles and shown conclusively that MKIDs work, and should provide much larger arrays than are possible with other technologies.


In order to make real progress these arrays must contain many thousands of pixels. A Caltech Library Service. MazinThesis from the Caltech Department of Physics, Due to our work at Caltech and JPL, MKIDs are considered one of the leading technologies to reach the ambitious goals set for future ground and space missions.

Mazin Thesis Caltech

In Chapters we perform several experiments which identify the source of the excess noise as the substrate. Instruments based on these technologies have been used at submillimeter, optical, and X-ray wavelengths.

Gao’s PhD ThesisCaltech California Institute of Technology. Ben MazinJune