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You can also read the full Exceptional Circumstances policy online:. You must use your LSE email address. Copies will only be accepted in exceptional circumstances. If you have submitted an assessment or sat an exam and you feel your performance has been affected by unforeseen circumstances that were outside of your control then you should submit Exceptional Circumstances ECs and evidence. Everything you write in an exam must be submitted. We encourage students to engage actively with feedback, by learning to recognise when feedback is being given, the different forms it takes, and how best to use it. Critically evaluate the suitability, implications and effects of social policies in different social sectors and across different national contexts.

The Exam Board will then consider whether there are grounds to discount the absent mark. Feedback is a two-way process which is most effective when students engage with it fully. This will normally be a maximum of 10 working days beyond the original deadline. This means following all invigilator instruction… twitter. You are encouraged to discuss your circumstances with your Academic Mentor, in order to ensure full support and referral to other appropriate sources of support. You can find further information about the EC procedure in the sections below.

A late submission of assessment is not a right and permission will only be given in exceptional and unforeseen circumstances that occur before the period of assessment.

By submitting your work on Moodle you are confirming that all work contained within your work is your own, apart from properly referenced quotations. Five marks out of will be deducted for coursework submitted within 24 hours of the deadline and a further five marks will be deducted for each subsequent hour period working days only until the coursework is submitted.


By submitting an assessment or by entering the exam room you are declaring yourself fit enough to attempt the assessment. Written by appropriately qualified professionals e. You may request an extension for any non-exam based component of assessment, and must list on the Extension Request Sbmission each component of coutsework you require an extension for.

The earliest you can request an extension is seven days before the assessment deadline. This means following all invigilator instruction… twitter. If you feel you submitted late because of unexpected circumstances beyond your control you must follow the Exceptional Circumstances Procedure. If you feel you will be unable to submit within this timeframe you should follow the deferral procedure. Where an adjustment has been made in your IP to allow for the possibility of extensions: Exceptional circumstances are those which you feel may have had a significant impact on your academic performance during an exam or other summative assessment.

Everything you write in an exam must be submitted.

Examination and Assessment

Feedback on formative work is provided within three weeks of submission. Please be precise about how you feel the circumstances affected you, and give relevant dates.

lse summative coursework submission form

Provisional Exam Bars are set with conditions attached. There are a few exams held outside this period and you will be informed if this applies to any of your courses.

However, in such cases the School will also need evidence of how these circumstances specifically impacted on your own wellbeing. You should discuss scheduling your assessment submissions with your Department well in advance of your assessment deadlines. Any evidence that you present must meet the following criteria: If you wish to make the Sub-Board of Examiners aware of your circumstances and how these have affected your performance, please complete the Exceptional Circumstances form available here.


You can also read the full Exceptional Circumstances policy online:. Students are expected to understand when feedback is being given and what it means, and ask for clarification it if feedback is not clear. Your name must not appear lwe on the coursework or the coversheet.

Upon successful completion of their studies, students submlssion be coursewokr to demonstrate specific learning outcomes:. Advice, Communications coursewok Operations Team. Information submitted through the exceptional circumstances process will only be made available to staff who are directly involved with the process. If you are a third year undergraduate or 9 month postgraduate student, your ECs will be considered in July. Formative coursework does not count towards your final degree.

This is based on the sections 3. If you successfully meet the conditions the Provisional Exam Bar will be removed automatically.

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Everything you write in an exam must be submitted. Confirming specifically that the circumstances were witnessed on the relevant date as opposed to being reported retrospectively. It is not possible for Exam Boards to consider evidence once results have been formally ratified.

lse summative coursework submission form

For the avoidance of doubt, the School will never talk to any external agencies about your circumstances or any of your personal details not even to confirm that you are a student at the School without your express authorisation.