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Practices of Information Literacy This is supported by the next question where most of the respondents 73, This thesis is licensed under a Creative. Chan mentioned that when school teachers understand and use the information literacy skills in the class, the outcomes of the education in the Information and Communications Age, and the Malaysian educational system will improve clearly. A teacher-librari’an, as an information expert, plays an important role in passing information literacy skills to teachers and students, since they themselves are sources of information. Online students will earn the same degree as they would in the on-site classroom. SWU Discovery Sign in. This is also consistent with The American Association of School Librarians Standards for the 2lst century in which Leaner mentioned that school libraries are essential to the development of information literacy and learning skills.

Paper presented at the ite House Conference on School Libraries. Health Communication Service Feature: The findings are also similar to a study by Abrizah in a research that aimed to determine the essential competencies and the education required for teacher- librarians to perform their roles. Most of the respondents believed that a teacher-librarian is an information expert. The findings Table 2 show that the highest response 69, From questionnaires distributed, questionnaires were returned. Infection and Immunity Service Feature:

Society and Culture Service Feature: National Library of Medicine. The national forum on information literacy.

NCLIS consultant, Hortonsummarized these concerns by saying, “in our emerging Information Society, information itself is becoming the strategic transforming resource of society Collaboration between school teachers and teacher”librarians is something that is very welcoming because it can give many advantages to the students and school itself. This finding is in tandem with a research by Ranjith,where he noted that in order to develop proactive study, teacher-librarians must provide a variety of resources to enhance independent learning skills and problem solving abilities among students.


What are the teachers’ perceptions towards the role of teacher-librarians? A review of the literature also revealed that in order to perform their roles effectively, teacher-librarians need to have appropriate knowledge and skills which could be gained from professional education and training in librarianship.

Subscribe to this RSS feed. The results also found that 58 UK Email— admin phoebecentre. For instance, teachers could be given less teaching periods in a week so that they could use that time to meet with the teacher- librarians to synergize and develop comprehensive, interesting, and dynamic lessons lub other academic activities.

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However, are teacher-librarians capable and competent to undertake their roles in the delivery of information literacy skills? Information literacy programs aim to provide the foundation for continuous growth for both teachers and students in fulfilling their roles as informed citizens. This finding is identical to a research by Songsaengchan, Chansawang and Prapinpongsakom This is also reported in a research by Lindsay where the principals encouraged teachers to use a range of resources beyond the textbooks in their instruction.

There must be information literacy programs for the teachers.


lib swu ac th data thesis

List of open access journals. Novice teachers’ perceptions of the role of the teacher-librarian in information literacy. It shows that the majority of respondents 69, CatalogueDirectory of open access journalsOnline resources. Materials, Concrete Service Feature: Teacher-librarians must carry out research in order to understand and know the interest of teachers and to find ways to attract them to use the resource centers and the services of teacher.

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Food Research Service Feature: Thesis is not required. Data showed 56 This indicates that the teachers do know about the role of teacher-librarians. Each school is well endowed with state-of-the-art classrooms, laboratories and school resource centers. Facilitating lifelong learning through development of information literacy skills: A teacher-librari’an, as ljb information expert, plays an important role in passing information literacy skills to teachers and students, since they themselves are sources of information.

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As we know, information is used at all times by all levels of society, in schools, in offices, in businesses, including daily activities. North Korea’s Nuclear Enrichment: American Chemical Society Journal.

The findings also indicate that the majority of respondents Log In Sign Up.