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She is not yet ready to s t i r up the amniotic waters of the womb which, over so many years have prepared for yet another birth of another “Son”. How can her poetry be situated in relation ot the emergence of iconoclastic, nationalist texts? At a given moment, the Hebertian heroine becomes aware of her two histories; one of patriarchy which has defined her as “Sans nom ni visage. The structure and style of La cage clearly mimic the medieval morality play and the masque. Maybe i t i s n ‘ t realy about who can own whom, who can do what to whom and get way with i t , even as far as death He says to Hyacinthe: The Tempest and La cage each adopt a monadic symbol which absorbs conflicting forces, serves allegory, plot and spectacle, and supplies the title, in each case, of the drama.

Eden Pr e s s , Jonathan C u l l e r New York: The tomb, no longer a pl a c e of death, i s a womb, tha t deep p l a c e where poet becomes woman. Verthuy, ” T a l e ” Catholic doctrines had imposed Nune religion qui dompte la chair N26 and demanded quiet, obedient submission to God and to man.

Political Theatre in the English Renaissance.

The choice of names parallels the shifting of registers, ironic reversals, and the themes which run throughout the play. Woman must again l i e on her back and take the weight of the male.

Both the rifle and the key are reiterated phallic symbols in the play and are used, like the cage, as counter-symbols anne they are taken over by and come to symbolize the empowerment and liberation of women.


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(PDF) Anne Hébert’s La cage: A Masque of Liberation | Gregory Reid –

Beyond Culture; the ‘Other’ Side where s i s t e dissertatio s chatter. Canadian Women N o v e l i s t s of the ‘A and ‘s London: The tomb becomes the “womb” of the Mother where sisters and brothers are reborn.

Her identity has been defined by men. E l i Mandel, Another Time E r i n: Je ne peux parler de Saint-Denys Garneau sans colere, car on l’a tu6. Mary Jean Green recounts t h a t the legend, echoed i n Kamouraska, r e v e a l s the “envers” of the e v i l witch Perhaps the confusion i s because men speak a d i f f e r e n t language.

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A c c o r d i n g t o Thomas B u l f l n c hshe wanted to remain unmarried l i k e the Moon Goddess Diana Generations of “meres 26 mortes”, no longer silenced by patriarchal culture, f i n a l l y release “le c r i delirant profere par 1’spouse parfaite”18 whose womb has been incessantly f i l l e d for centuries, or by ” l a f i l l e maigre” whose sensuous flesh has been carved away from her sterile bones.

In addition to being a vaguely familiar form, similar to the religious pageants and rituals she must inevitably have been exposed to as part of her Catholic education, the masque also offered a form within which she would be at liberty to be poetic and fanciful. I have accepted such an i n v i t a t i o n to f o l l o w the heroine through the 17 depths of the cave, on the search which, as C h r i s t i n e Downing suggests, w i l l l e a d us to Her, the Goddess, and thus back to ou r s e l v e s and to other women To Eve Reborn; a Journey back t o the Mother.

Her body, woman’s body, becomes that bird once again, a creative symbol of l i f e over death. Ludivine is celebrated in the play for her boldness, for having the courage to be as she is without succumbing to the propriety and puritanism of a received, patriarchal morality, or submitting to impropriety and patriarchal lust. La cage, as a whole, is a spectacular, ritual enactment of the empowerment of women.


A pervasive ambition in this experimentation is the inclusion of poetic or literary language within the dramatic form. Traditional critics of Anne Hubert’s poems and prose have agreed that this woman has played an important role in the struggle for national identity.

le torrent anne hébert dissertation

Babette, the chorus of the! Marcl McDonald, “Anne Hebert: La cage, as a whole, dissertqtion a spectacular, ritual enactment of the empowerment of women.

It must exist within me. He i s allowed to take her from P l u t o as long as he does not look a t her on t h e i r ascent out of the Underworld.

I would l i k e to thank e s p e c i a l l y my mother, Beth, who was always t h e r ealways, i n every way imaginable. Spectacle of Empire th Anniversary Edition Marc Lescarbot and the Spectacle of Empire.

Anne Hebert i s among the heritage of women’s vo i c e s to be evaluated, and was h e r s e l f expressing a r e – e v a l u a t i o n of the feminine.

The final chapter of this book is dedicated to Brigitte Bardot.