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He served on the panel as an expert on the crytographic aspects of cryptocurrencies. The program can be found here. In addition to the research-oriented meeting, they also met the local Business Accelerator team and visited the cybersecurity business unit of Telefonica. An implementation is also provided to check the practical viability of the approach using the Ciao multi-paradigm programming language. The Research Group aim to address major challenges of systems based on blockchains and smart contracts, which must be solved so that its use is reliable in areas where high levels of security and data integrity can be achieved. It comprised of over 40 talks by renowned international cybersecurity experts.

The project is entitled “NUSA: This event is a new addition to the SEIF program and will be attended by previous and current SEIF winners, influential software engineering researchers, and researchers from Microsoft Research. Catalano University of Catania, Italy. The main goal of the conference was to show civil society the achievements o date of the seven IMDEA Institutes in terms of attracting talent, the high-quality of their scientific output, and the tight collaboration with industry. Starting from a concurrent program and a temporal specification, the techniques generate a finite collection of verification conditions whose validity entails the satisfaction of the temporal specification by any client system, in spite of the number of threads.

Identifying and defining properties for security in e-voting systems and developing and implementing new methods providing real evidence of correctness and security in these systems. Anton delivered a workshop on programming in Coq aiming at software developers. We will have a closer look at their sport interests and how they impact their work, the parallelism between science and sport, and more that will be uncovered in the Researchers’ Night — including live questions from the audience.

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Several researchers presented the goals and some of the advances attained in the different research lines of the Institute and the ongoing research projects, as well as their practical applications and other industrial collaboration and technology transfer activities.


So, to fully exploit emerging network technologies and to overcome stagnating CPU performance, ACCORD is planning to use hardware acceleration to offload the steps required by the ordering service.

The conference awarded 3 distinguished paper awards among 43 accepted papers out of paper submissions.

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The seminar was organized by Prof. Event website Nov 28, The project VeriStab lead by Pavithra Prabhakar will investigate formal verification of stability of embedded control systems. PC co-chair with Fabio Fioravanti.

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In the end, the foreseen outcome of the ACCORD project is a DL design with performance that allows it to be deployed in use-cases in which DLs are inadequate today as, for example, trading. The participants had the opportunity to meet experts in the innovation ecosystem, researchers and entrepreneurs. By building formally-verified reference implementations of TLS protocols, they were able to systematically generate inadmissible protocol responses, which should be disallowed by the protocol, and test whether any of those responses were in fact admitted by existing implementations.

By establishing this Node in Madrid, EIT Digital is creating new opportunities in the region, providing space where researchers, entrepreneurs and educators can learn from each other and produce innovative new products and services – and educating the next generation of young thought leaders.

jru thesis format

This meeting brought together the main researchers in the areas of symbolic bound analysis and worst-case execution time WCET analysis to discuss the state of the art and future research directions in this important area: The IMDEA Software team will use EasyCrypt to develop a systematic classification of cryptographic algorithms and to create a cryptographic atlas that will be used by researchers and companies to choose the most suitable algorithm for their needs.

An innovative application of AI in the form of a voice-driven interface adopted by EVO Banco was formah to showcase possible application fields. Leaving their usual attachment to well-proven technologies and procedures, banking is embracing AI at all levels, from the interaction with fformat to their core business.


These 5 papers were among the 70 papers selected for publication at CAV out of submission from around the world. More information about this line of research on Dario’s website.

The workshop was aimed at reinforcing the collaboration between these two institutions on the following topics:. Distributed Virtual Actors for Programmability and Scalability. This shall cover all costs related to the project, including travel costs. The two-year Master programme is organized in eight technical majors, each executed by two distinct European universities. If exploitation is successful, malware is installed on the visitor’s computer.

Concurrent programs are notoriously difficult to write because of the complexity of interaction between their components. The winner was selected by a committee of international experts.

The work was partially done while A. Gilles talk, entitled ‘Advances in computer-aided lcryptography’ presented recent developments in computer-aided cryptography which aims to provide rigorous tools that ease the design, analyze and implement cryptographic primitives and protocols. They also discovered several critical security vulnerabilities that have lain hidden, for years, in popular open-source SSL libraries. More information on the event Oct 31, During one hour, they spoke about science in general and, in particular, about the science they will show in an upcoming event in CSIC’s Residencia de Estudiantes on the evening of September 29th.

More details can foramt found jur. The Tezos Foundation is establishing a multi-year research, training, and dissemination program with IMDEA Software Institute to address Tezos-related technologies including cryptography, computer security, formal verification, distributed systems, and programming languages. Microsoft Research created these Awards to support research in software engineering technologies, tools, practices, and teaching methods.

This trend opens new problems and opportunities in a very powerful sector extremely relevant for our everyday life.

jru thesis format