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Furthermore, to be enforced effectively, all the changes in work habits and procedures and any organizational realignments associated with a new system depend on management backing. The council initially investigated building a computerized system using Microsoft Access database management and application development tools. Management Strategy Acquisition plans Milestones and timing Organizational realignment Internal reorganization Management controls Major training initiatives Personnel strategy 6. Object-oriented development is more iterative and incremental than traditional structured development. We have already described the problem-solving process and how it helps us analyze and understand the role of information systems in business. Project management refers to the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to achieve specific targets within specified budget and time constraints.

The other factor to evaluate when looking at a risk is its duration–how long that it can have a potential impact on the project. RAD includes the use of visual programming and other tools for building graphical user interfaces, iterative prototyping of key system elements, the automation of program code generation, and close teamwork among end users and information systems specialists. Defining the problem may take some work because various members of the company may have different ideas about the nature of the problem and its severity. That is, identify all of the risks possible in the project. Building Information Systems and Managing Projects access to the new system. Object-oriented development is more iterative and incremental than traditional structured development.

Global information systems projects should involve local units in the creation of the design cqse giving up control westjjet the project to parochial interests. Information systems project costs also include the cost of hardware, software, and work space. There is a very high failure rate among information systems projects because they have not been properly managed. This interface was so simple and well-designed that users required very little training on how to use the system or access data and reports.



The second column in Table JetBlue experienced a few glitches—call wait times increased and not all airport kiosks and ticket printers came online right away. What questions should its dealers ask? It shows each task as a horizontal bar whose length is pro- portional to the time required to complete it. For instance, if the greatest risk is personnel turnover as it usually is then, the probability may have to be evaluated more objectively. Firms try to improve the return on their information system portfolios by balancing the risk and return from their systems investments.

After the new system is installed and conversion is com- plete, the system is said to be in production.

JetBlue and WestJet: A Tale of Two IS Projects – Case Study Example

Management backing also ensures that a systems project receives sufficient funding and resources to be successful. If the project is working with a new technology, is using a new development methodology, or even if there are new, relatively unknown team members, these need to be listed as potential risks to the project.

jetblue and westjet a tale of two is projects case study answers

JetBlue ended up using its backup site several times. The systems analysis lays out the most likely paths to follow given the nature of the problem. During the peak sales period in January, each Girl Scout marked her sales on an individual order card and turned the card in to the troop leader when she was finished.

Scrum relies on self-organizing, cross-functional teams supported by a ScrumMaster and a product. Then answer the following questions: However, later ov the project they may not have much input and therefore aren’t a risk if they leave.

Honam plans to do this by strengthening its existing businesses, extending its overseas business and developing new businesses. The file distinguishes courses that are open from those that have been canceled or filled. Try to use Google Docs to develop a presenta- tion of your findings for the class.


The rounded boxes represent processes, which portray the transformation of data. Requirements analysis carefully defines the objectives of the new or modified system and jetblke a detailed description of the functions that the new system must perform.

The objectives of a solution for the Girl Scouts would be to reduce the amount of time, effort, and errors in the cookie-ordering process. Upgrading reservations systems carries special risks.

jetblue and westjet a tale of two is projects case study answers

What kind of programming demands will this place on our group? These differences create a user-designer communications gap.

jetblue and westjet a tale of two is projects case study answers

The Gantt chart visually represents the tim- ing and duration of different tasks in a development project as well as their human resource requirements see Figure Time is the amount of time required to complete the project. Tasks in one stage are supposed to be completed before work for the next stage begins.

Implementation may also involve the creation of an object-oriented database. It also serves as yet another reminder of how successfully planning for and implementing new technology is just as valuable as the technology itself. Information systems projects should involve users in the design process without giving up control over the project to parochial interests. There are far more ideas for systems projects than there are resources.