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This is the claim that the analysis of self-experience in dreams is the key towards a more comprehensive theory of dreaming, but can also inform contemporary theories of self-consciousness. These shifts nicely match the phenomenological characteristics of dreaming—dreams, for instance, are intensely visual and emotional and often include motor imagery, as would be predicted from the high activation of the temporo-occipital, motor, and limbic areas in REM sleep Desseilles Here, an idea is that in order to investigate the neural correlates of dreaming within a single sleep stage, N2 and N3 might be more interesting than REM, because awakenings from these sleep stages result in roughly equal amounts of reports of dreaming and of nondreaming. Dreaming was, in a sense, the after-effect of waking perception, and sleep, quite simply, the absence of wakefulness. In this series of blogposts, I will address a number of questions that I take to be particularly pressing for an empirically informed and hopefully also empirically informative philosophical theory of dreaming. Westport, CT and London:

Neural decoding of visual imagery during sleep. Plants of the Gods: I start out by giving a brief and highly selective overview of changing conceptions of sleep and dreaming in scientific research and in philosophy. This entry has no external links. This basic idea of sleep and waking as opposites persisted all the way into the 20 th century, where sleep was commonly regarded as a uniform period of reduced brain activity, a state in which we are, largely, dead to the world. Submitted in April

Scientific sleep and dream research are now producing a steady stream of empirical data, and it stands to reason that this research will have a profound impact on scientific and philosophical theories of consciousness and the self.

Altered Consciousness in Philosophy.

Norman Malcolmfamously declared that the very attempt to study dreams scientifically, independently of and perhaps even in contradiction to subjective dream reports, was a conceptual absurdity: Mind and Language24 1— No keywords specified fix it. Philosophical Psychology8, 35— Yet no amount of chemical analysis could help you understand what these words mean, let alone what they mean in the context of the other words on the page.


Ethnic Routes to Altered Consciousness. There are well-established methods for scoring the content of dream reports.

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In Deirdre Barrett Ed. The next post is an introduction to a central theme discussed throughout the book. A related point is how you define dreaming; as you point out, part of the controversy about the relationship between dreaming and REM sleep might be that different research groups use different definitions of dreaming, and so will wiindt different types of experiences as dreams.

How to integrate dreaming into a general theory of consciousness —A critical review of existing positions and suggestions for future research. Providing the outlines of such a framework is the goal of Dreaming. Consciousness and Rationality From a Process Perspective. By unclosing your eyes so suddenly, you seem to have surprised the personages of your dream in full convocation round your bed, and catch one broad glance at them before they can flit eindt obscurity.

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Are Dreams Subjective Experiences? While the ancients viewed dreams as messages from the gods, Aristotle, in his treatise On Dreamsprovided the first strictly naturalistic theory of dreaming: What happens to the experiential subject during the dream state?

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Granted, many of these experiences might be less complex than REM dreams — but if they are still dreamlike in the relevant sense for instance by being immersivethen their investigation might turn out to be even more helpful for a multilevel theory of dreaming than is the case for REM dreams.

By way of analogy, if you wanted to understand the text on [a printed] page, you could analyze the words by submitting their contents to an inorganic chemist, who could ascertain the precise molecular composition of the ink.


Chemically Altered States of Consciousness. Mechthild Dreyer PD Dr. Some, for instance, liken dreams to virtual realities, dissertatuon that the sense of presence and immersion targeted by modern virtual reality technology is at best an approximation of nocturnal dreaming Revonsuo; Metzinger New perspectives for the study of lucid dreaming: In DreamingJennifer Windt lays the groundwork for solving this problem.

Tests abound to determine just where on the “spectrum” one lies lacing fingers, crossing arms, wadding and tossing a ball of paper into a recycle receptacle with results often defying rhyme or reason such as one subject who performed most tasks requiring being seated left-handed, whereas jenniffr done standing are more naturally right-handed. What is an Altered State of Consciousness?

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Like reflections in a pool of water, these movements were clearest in the quiet of deep sleep, which consequently gave rise to the clearest types of dream imagery. In the s, the discovery of a period of sleep characterized by wake-like activation of the EEG, near-complete muscular paralysis and rapid eye movements hence the term REM sleep revolutionized scientific conceptions of sleep.

jennifer windt dissertation

Consciousness as a biological phenomenon. In much the same way that Lincoln joked about “homeopathic soup The Imaginations of Them That Sleep?

Setup an account with your affiliations in order to access resources via your University’s proxy server Configure custom proxy use this if your affiliation does not provide dissertatiln proxy. Submitted in April What is the relationship between dreaming and dream dissertatuon, and how do dream reports relate to other types of evidence commonly used for the study of dreaming? Best regards, Bill Skaggs.

jennifer windt dissertation