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I had reasons for that advocacy. Speculation exists that the miscarriages were deliberately induced. When I formally interviewed her in , Alice recalled her response the first time,. T ucker , Elizabeth and L anglois , Janet L. Autobiographical Literary Criticism Freidman et al. New York and London: Her writing concluded most children who take part in the ritual are only looking for entertainment.

Dialectics of a Folklore Genre. Although I did not argue with him at the time, I had conducted an earlier field research project on another legend complex in which I had countered standard psychoanalytical readings with emerging feminist approaches that can be seen as my indirect response Langlois, Regardless of the origins of the story or the symbolism hidden within it, this particular tale and ritual has spooked and terrified countless children throughout the last few decades who believe it is a true ghost story. Although researchers may never determine how or where the story started, it is sure to remain part of American culture and society for a long time. The participant may think that they have seen a spirit, it is, however, most likely a trick of the eye brought upon by the combination of darkness and fear. Uses, Interpretations, and Images.

A Bliody of Vipers: The combination of dizziness, rapid movement and flickering lighting could easily fool the eye into seeing someone, especially when the idea has already been implanted.

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B ennettGillian,Alas, Poor Ghost! The Social Psychology of Commercial Hearsay. Janet Langlois’ essay in found the ritual served to thrill and lanlgois children who were looking for some form of entertainment. Other variations say that the querent must not look directly at her, but at her image in the mirror; she will then reveal the asker’s future, particularly concerning marriage and children.


No one knows the origins of the Bloody Mary legend; over the years, magy has been rumored to be anything from a witch that was killed for practicing witchcraft to a modern-day woman killed in a car crash, depending on what part of the country you live in. Most of these are meant to disorient people.

Death and Suicide Series. C liffordJames and M arcusGeorge E. I built a case that, as the hitchhiker killed by a truck moved from a passive to an active, albeit, malevolent position when called in the mirror, so did these students move from a more passive lsnglois to a more active one in the very act of calling her.

Many cultures have children’s games for summoning spirits. In stories where Bolody is supposed to have been wrongly accused of killing her children, the querent might say “I believe in Mary Worth. Traditions of Belief in Story and Discourse.

janet langlois bloody mary essay

Myth and Ritual Subdued. Speculation exists that the miscarriages were deliberately induced. Narrative Use of a Deviant Woman. J ordanRosan A.

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T uckerElizabeth and L angloisJanet L. The project began as serendipitously as the first when a good friend Alice telephoned me in from Colorado to tell me about a disturbing story she had heard twice once inthen in shortly before she called me about a mother who had lost her children through her own incompetence.

Perhaps team research, the ideal with which I began this confession about oral literature and ethnography, is already here in many cases. Upon her urging, I drove up with several other students from the Bloomington, Indiana campus to Indianapolis to attend a Psychic Fair there one fall day in October.

The earlier study examined rumor and legend dialectics about the start of the Detroit race riots, drawn in part from interviews conducted in by folklorist Richard A. Literally etched in black and white, paired but conflicting stories outlined the racial tensions in the city: With a heavily Freudian analysis, Dundes shows how the story and ritual serves an important purpose of providing young women an outlet for the fear and anxiety they feel related to body changes during pubescence.


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Bloody Mary Legend

The Social Impact of Rumor and Legend. The participant may think that they have seen a spirit, it is, however, most likely a trick of the eye brought upon by the combination of darkness and fear.

Westport, CT and London: In its modern jaet, this legend advises young children, typically girls at a slumber party, that if they enter a dark bathroom with a candle, stand in front of the mirror, and repeat a the chant “Bloody Mary” a certain number of times while turning in circles, the image of a witch or female apparition will appear with a bloody face.

Its working title is overly long, but nevertheless summarizes its focus: I found myself as ethnographer caught in a double bind: E llisBill,Lucifer Ascending: H uffordDavid J.

Shared Ethnography 19 The Detroit rumor and legend studies, in both their local and global contexts, bring me to a essat of oral narrative and community and a sense of shared ethnography with which I will conclude. Two fuller ethnographic studies frame my career as a legend hunter to date.

janet langlois bloody mary essay