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Knowing the first range of mass is 5g, using the plasticine adjust the size until the mass totals 5g on the electric scale. Physics a2 coursework Physics a2. Energy is the ability of an object to cause change. For example using an electronic tape measure it would not only measure the crater size formed, but would also calculate other useful related information to the result using its built-in functionalities. Finally using a vernier caliper measure the diameter of the created crater.

The basic trend of the graph shows that as the mass increases so does the average crater size formed, which partially proves my prediction is correct. The non- circularity of martian impact craters. Therefore mass is the independent variable. Ensure authentic, tamper proof documents. Hi there, would you like to get such a paper?

Safety craterw not a major factor to take into consideration. This was due to the fact that the energy was transferred between the two, where the total amount of energy remained the same.

impact craters physics coursework

I will be measuring the speed from these heights: The Effect of Height of a Ramp on the Speed of a Trolley For this piece of coursework, I intend to investigate the relationship craterx the heights of a ramp to the change in speed. The height from which a ball a simple model of an asteroid or meteor is dropped and the diameter of its impact crater.

The result of this should be recorded into your results table.

To investigate the factors affecting the sizes of impact craters

Thus there are no anomalies present. Geology Oct — June.


impact craters physics coursework

Also as can be seen from the graphs three and four, a flattening curve is produced towards the end. Coursework Handbook Version 1. This shows that when I increase the mass the amount of kinetic energy also increases.

For a collision to occur, the colliding object would need to contain energy. In accordance to my investigation this proves that mass does have a form of influence to the amount of kinetic energy stored by an object, which furthermore determines the impact of collision. As the mass increases, the potential increases, hence the kinetic energy increases causing an increase in the cursework of impact. The graph shows that the crater size y increases by a significant amount for each of the increasing masses x used.

Physics – Meteorite Craters Research – GCSE Science – Marked by

The only reason applicable for this is air resistance. Ocr physics coursework help Apr Lesson observation triple Outstanding foundation Year 8. In order to ensure a fair test is carried out and the best possible variables are used hence conduct an accurate experiment; I will need to carry out preliminary doursework.

impact craters physics coursework

Impact craters physics coursework Martinez, PhD— marine geophysics. As can be seen from im;act graph the crater size increases at a constant rate which proves that crater size is proportional to the square root of mass.

While these samples are representative of the content of, they are not comprehensive nor are they thfeatures such as craters and clouds.


Environmental Studies of Some Impact Craters of the. The formula shows that kinetic energy is directly proportional to the square of the speed and to the mass. The various forms of potential energy include gravitational potential energy. The shock wave would cause the sand to move. Topics by nbsp; Note: People who searched for List of Free Online Geology Courses found the following related articles, links, and information useful. I decided to to my experiment on craters and realised there is not much to talk about.

Impact craters physics coursework

As can be seen from the table, there is not much difference between the crater sizes produced when the golf ball is dropped into different surfaces mediums. I have chosen mass because I believe this will have a powerful relevance to the shape, size and depth of a crater and also I believe it will be interesting to observe how varying masses affect the diameter cratrs a crater. Next, they model the formation of an impacct crater.

Polygonal impact craters on Dione: Therefore the speed had to be calculated using the following formula:. Ensure that the vacant boss of the clamp right is positioned directly above the surface so an attached impwct will fall directly below onto the surface.