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Reviews are accepted by invitation only. Kimura J and Shibasaki H. Do not repeat in detail data or other material given in the Introduction. Editor s name, Editors. The file size should be within 4 MB in size while uploading. Illustrations should be numbered as cited in the sequential order in the text, and each should have a legend on a separate sheet. If more than six authors, then first three shall be listed followed by et al.

All format requirements are similar to those applicable to Research Article, but should have definitely had an abstract and introduction. Harper and Row; Methods for procedures related to the electrophysiology of the heart. The use of general descriptive names, trade names, trademarks, in this publication, even if not specifically identified, does not imply that these names are not protected by the relevant laws and regulations. Color photographs are welcome at no extra charge. The copy of the journal will be sent to the corresponding authors only by ordinary post and soft copy of the articles will be delivered through e-mail only.

The publisher and the editor-in-chief are not responsible for claims made in the advertisements published in the journal. Please give direct link First time users will have to register at this site.

ijpr cover letter

A short, paragraph summarizing the most important finding s of the research is required. If the copy of journal return, due to incomplete or incorrect or changed covet of the authors, in such cases the authors will be responsible for updating the correct address.

When you submit an article, the following items must be included. Standard Journal Article Author s of article Surname initialsTitle of article, Journal title full nameYear of publication; Volume number issue lstter In this section any financial support, scientific or technical assistance, gifts, etc Labels, numbers, and symbols should be clear and of uniform size.

Because the relevance of such variables as age and sex to clear, authors should explain their use when they are included in a study report; for example, authors should explain why only subjects of certain were excluded.


Looking at the Future of the Medicaid Program. Title- Times New Roman, 14 sizes. Manuscripts that do not meet the minimal requirements for English grammar and composition will be letteer immediately.

ijpr cover letter

Submit articles after logging into the site using their user name and password. If more than six authors, then first three shall be listed followed by et al. While there are no fixed limitations to the length of an article, authors are asked to write their manuscripts in a clear and concise manner and to include only data crucial to arriving at their final conclusions. When modifications are requested, the corresponding author must either submit the modified version or withdraw the manuscript.

The corresponding author could also suggest potential reviewers to the journal at the time of submission. Note- On successful uploading of your article will get one Manuscript ID number in your account for all future correspondence.

Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research (IJPR) – Guide for Authors

Manuscripts submitted to the journal must represent reports of original research, and the original data must be available for review by the editor if necessary. Structure of Articles Research papers, short communications, as well as covsr articles and commentaries the two latter are only accepted by invitation that address scope of the journal will be considered for publication.

Upload the images in JPEG format. It accepts submission of original research not published or under consideration for publication anywhere else. Submission of manuscripts Authors are strongly encouraged to submit their manuscripts covfr by online manuscript submission system of IJPR www.

Terms in statistics, such as ‘random’ which implies a randomizing device’normal’, ‘significant’, ‘correlations’, and ‘sample’. All manuscripts must be submitted on-line through the website www. Conflict of interests Any information regarding the potential conflict of interests related to various aspects such as financial support by commercial firms, etc… should be disclosed in manuscripts to help clarify this issue.


Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research – Guide for Authors

Publication charge waivers or discounts are granted on a case-by-case basis. Sending a revised manuscript While submitting a revised manuscript, contributors are requested to include, the ‘Referees’ remarks along with point to point clarification at the beginning mark the changes as underlined or colour text in the article.

The Iranian Journal of Pharmaceutical Research IJPR is a peer-reviewed multi-disciplinary pharmaceutical publication published quarterly to serve as a means for scientific information exchange in the international pharmaceutical forum.

It is also suggested to refer to the latest issue of the journal available online. Check the manuscript for spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. Place explanatory matter below table which includes all non-standard abbreviations that are used in each table. All subscripts, Greek letters and unusual characters must be identified. If a figure has been published elsewhere, acknowledge the original source and submit written permission from the copyright holder to reproduce should appear in the legend for such figures.

Structural and chemical formulae as well as process flow diagrams should be prepared in the same way as graphs. In case of any doubt about the adherence of the research to the Helsinki Declaration, it should be demonstrated that the doubtful aspects have been explicitly approved by the relevant institutional ethics committeeand the rational for the approach should be explained.