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Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? So, to answer the questions: If I get caught, what can happen to me? And no, he was not aware his CV was circulated. The consequences of falsifying or omitting information can result in not only the loss of the job but can damage a person’s reputation and jeopardize future employment. Recruiters may be willing to forgive one minor error. It could come back to haunt you many years down the line.

Probably lots have people have but remember CVs are applications for employment and are considered to be legal documents, even omissions could be viewed as being dishonest on the part of the job applicant. Do not show any reservations you may have about the role or the company. If you do so, the most horrible thing that can happen is that you, unexpectedly though, is that you get the job that you are seeking. Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more. Falsification of licensure, education and work history have all been grounds for termination, and every company I’ve worked for has a standing policy of termination regardless of job performance. Common resume lies include falsifying academic A Curriculum Vitae – mercurius. If you search here at workplace perhaps for “lying on resume” or such you’ll see that this topic has surfaced many times in the past.

These 10 CV mistakes are jeopardising your career opportunities

Likewise, if you have not completed a course, do not assert that you have. If you are unavoidably yoyr, notify the company or agent immediately giving the reason and your estimated time of arrival.


That would be much appreciated, especially regarding our back-it-up-rule. This should probably be a ‘hold over’ job for him.

The Top 5 Reasons You Can’t Lie On Your Resume | TalentEgg Career Incubator

Your letter must be well presented, brief and concise. Recruiters may be willing to forgive one minor error. She also works as a freelance journalist. Submit an invoice for no money and call him a consultant. Beyond that, other effects will depend on how often people in yout particular industry talk.

She also suggests that applicants simply acknowledge there are gaps.

Careers and Workplace: Falsify your resume & jeopardize your job prospects

Lying puts a big dent in that trust. I have recently been applying to van driving related jobs. Newer Post Older Post Home. Answer the questions as asked; do not answer a question with a question.

Rather than misrepresenting facts about your qualifications, that is, trying to inflate them, it is recommended that you actually acquire them. It only takes a few minutes for employers to do a couple background checks.

Do not inflate your salary figures for the simple reason that the same can be made out from your age, qualifications, experience and the companies that you mention to have served with. If your CV is littered with buzzwords, There are a myriad of ways to fake an falsifyng history.

A prior conviction 2.

But if the application specifically states you need one, send it. Your mileage may vary.

The Top 5 Reasons You Should Never Lie On Your Resume

Your address could also be in table. It’s likely that any company he interviews with won’t even quiz him about it. Scott Thompson made news in because he apparently lied about having a particular degree. In the US, it is not always legal to work unpaid. But oddly, having no social media presence at all is considered an application blunder by 1.


how can falsifying your curriculum vitae jeopardise your chances of getting a job

Our expert advice will help you land a jobnavigate complicated work situations, get a raise or promotion or jumpstart a new career. My father had a friend that worked in a company that handled a part of the finances of other companies don’t know exactly how this works, not very familiar with this field.

Once you’ve sent out a false one, there’s very little chance you’ll falsifyinf be able to make sure they are pulled back in again. Joe Strazzere Joe Strazzere k By far the simplest would be to state that he worked for a startup which went out of business, hence his need for a job after only 8 months.

Pull the positive aspects from any experience you had.

how can falsifying your curriculum vitae jeopardise your chances of getting a job

Hmm, I find it strange. If you do so, gour most horrible thing that can happen is that you, unexpectedly though, is that you get the job that you are seeking. Affable Geek Affable Geek 1, 1 16