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While the narrator has lost much of her independence and self-determination, the determination that does remain for her is in her desire to tear down the wallpaper and set the mysterious woman free. While the entire book is well worth reading, the essay “Toward a Feminist Poetics” offers a detailed discussion of Gilman’s story. Because I am mad I hate you. Each student will be asked to make one solid point to defend the group’s argument. For a pre-reading exercise, allow students to freewrite about insanity or mental illness.

It has been provided within this curriculum unit for your convenience. In real life, Gilman’s own nervous condition followed the birth of her daughter, Katherine, and paralleled the narrator’s madness which revolves around the yellow wallpaper of an old nursery. Some sections can also be provided as additional reading handouts for students, especially those on history, Gilman’s life and gothic genre. However, most of their endeavours were doomed to failure. At the same time, one who is sick rarely understands what is happening oneself.

The example established by her great-aunts and her mother surely influenced Gilman’s ideas. Herstory is an anthology of essays about women reformers, writers and scientists of all ages and from various time periods.

Students might be asked to save these responses for reference after reading and analyzing the story as a class. The wallpaper fulfils a significant function in a story. The heroine suffers from a nervous disease.

The Portrait of a New Woman in “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Jennie is depicted in a following way in the story: Typically, mini-lessons should be scheduled for minutes of class time. For in class writing, a thesis statement may not be required, but a main idea must be clear.


Wegener, 58 [6] One of the most prominent embellishments is that Gilman never had hallucinations during her breakdown.

gilmans essay why i wrote the yellow wallpaper

Women attempted to reject the traditional model of behaviour their fathers and husbands imposed on them. At least obsessing about the wallpaper has given her something to occupy her mind. As stated in The Changing Role of Womanhood: In order to understand the events, students must make inferences based on details that the narrator thw provide. Yet, these qualities were not considered as favourable as far as female characterization is concerned.

The thesis statement is stated in the introduction and clearly relevant to the story. I went home and obeyed those directions for some three months, and came so near the borderline of wrotf mental ruin that I could see over. Pantheon, for excerpts from letters written by Charlotte to Gilman.

Gothic and the Female Voice: Examining Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s “The Yellow Wallpaper”

Later, she discovers that there is a woman hidden behind it. The yellow wallpaper is torn because wgy main character is willing to get rid of a sense of inferiority she possesses. The narrator is a wife who is frustrated because she can’t communicate what she really things and wants.

gilmans essay why i wrote the yellow wallpaper

While the narrator has lost much of her independence and self-determination, the determination that does remain for her is in her desire to tear down the wallpaper and set the mysterious woman free. Oxford University Press, This essay can also be found online. In her autobiography, Gilman describes her mother’s expressions of affection toward her daughter.


A final, formal draft should result after several days of writing instruction. Young women who were working were often expected to turn their wages over to their parents, and wives were expected to turn wages over to their husbands. Weir Mitchell himself to change his treatment for similar cases.

Gilman, Why I Wrote The Yellow Wallpaper

Then, they should prepare at least three statements to prove that “The Yellow Wallpaper” is gipmans gothic horror story. InCharlotte married George Houghton Gilman and lived happily with him until his death in Most female patients were forbidden to sit up, sew, write, or read. De Simone, Deborah M. Groups should then prepare at least three statements to make that prove “The Yellow Wallpaper” is an example of realism.

Sandra Gilbert and Susan Gubar’s essays analyze the theme of the madwoman in the attic, yeellow to Bertha’s character in Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre.

gilmans essay why i wrote the yellow wallpaper

The most useful portion of her analysis of women’s literature is her discussion of genre, specifically the female gothic. She left California in and until led a somewhat nomadic existence as a voracious lecturer and writer.