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The top 10 beneficial facts about Smart Classes Some of the following reasons will help you understand the importance of smart class clearly: This shift in learning brings down the significance of a good teacher. Social interaction forms an integral part of human society. Smartclass recommended lesson plans Our subject experts have carefully selected the most relevant modules on the topic. It is not justified, if we say smart classes are the only way of learning, similarly making comments like smart classes are fruitless and a total waste of time is also not acceptable. This helps in establishing a connection, so that students can easily express through touching, writing and drawing. Smart classes provide all these facilities for the students to learn easily using modern technology.

School Management Software Service. Educomp smartclass is the benchmark for digital classrooms. Your Ultimate Guide Apr 18, Through technology aided classroom learning, a child gets the opportunity to learn new things using various tools. Some teachers and even front line students used to suffer from chalk dust getting into their eyes and lungs.

This shift in learning brings down the significance of a good teacher.

This way, your digital notes will come to your rescue when you miss a day in school; ezsay putting in any extra effort to obtain the same. Mind mapping, using 3D techniques becomes highly effective when used in a smart class. Here e-learning suits well with facts and figures but a detailed discussion on the reasons behind the revolution or war or a referendum needs emotions.

It brings together 6 layers of technology adoption for schools, and integrates them into one composite solution. Notwithstanding the fact that a smart class makes learning entertaining, you will be relying so much on technology that your creative skills will take a beating.


essay on educomp smart class

Smart board teaching is not ‘see-only’, we could use special markers to underline or mark an important location while teaching. Smart classrooms are very much beneficial in teaching-learning process in a school. All learning resources at one place including the acclaimed Educomp smartclass and Mathguru content. The fact is, with 3D learningthe student can almost feel being a part of the subject itself.

All relevant resources and announcements for each subject are neatly organized under the convenient My Classroom feature. Insight is a scientifically designed skill based assessment system that evaluates the academic competency in the related area by identifying the learning gaps and the strength of a student and gives constructive feedback with a great source of inspiration and motivation and thus helps the student improving the learning process.


essay on educomp smart class

With the help of notebook, tablet and other advanced gadgets a lot can be shared. Sparing you of the monotonous traditional classroom environmenta smart class is evident with enhanced student-teacher interaction; prompted by technological tools. The internet is a treasure trove of invaluable information to students.

Smart classes are very beneficial for students as in this learning process involves advanced technology and eszay attracts the students towards learning. The English Mentor language lab can be used with your existing computer labs and can be accessed by all students. If you have any questions or concerns regarding any content published here, feel free to contact us using the Contact link below.

essay on educomp smart class

Most suitable for students who wish to go the extra mile to grasp information that is way ahead of their course curricula, online resources can improve the curiosity and creativity of students. Recent Tweets Tweets by Educomp. After every few months new programming language, new software is being developed. The malfunction of an electronic gadget is enough to cause the loss of many teaching hours.


Various technologies can be integrated for a better learning experience. Connects well with ssmart interaction: Learning will seem a mechanical process when you repeatedly try to employ gadgets that work in a prescribed manner.

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Goverment Smart Class Setup. It is not possible every time to upgrade according to the needs of the hour. Obviously, this methodology has proved beneficial for the students.

In such an unforeseen situation, teachers should not only prepare for the topic for the day but also have to toggle between the two modes of teaching.

Contact Us info educomp. Some students take time to understand and comprehend studies. This had ill effect on health.

Are smart classes beneficial for students ?

Wrapping It Up After clasa the contrasting aspects of a smart class, it pays to ponder about the ways and means you can make education accessible and enjoyable to every student.

When technology is applied to learning, the outcome is progressive and entertaining. In line with this famous maxim, it is through smart classes that students will be able to assimilate all the information that is presented via these instructional tools.

This way, a smart class can indeed become an intelligent and workable way to pave way for a greener environment.