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The couple also apologize to Lola. Retrieved 5 July Tinidora and Tidora are practicing their dance routine for the occasion. It’s not always sunny; there will be rainy days too. Nidora reminds Yaya to appreciate the things that are given to her, so Yaya accepts and thanks Tinidora for the gift. Yaya Dub and Alden’s ‘Cinderella’ moment”. However, while the vows were being recited, Yaya Dub faints and has to be brought out of the venue.

Yaya Dub is happy when she sees Alden rehearsing, but he ignores her because he is rehearsing for his performance the next day. Lola Nidora turns to Alden and demands that he must still satisfy her challenges, to which he agrees. Ang Laman ng Diary – Facebook”. Bill also had cheated on Tinidora before and she cannot forgive him. Retrieved 4 February The Lolas are sad about Yaya leaving, as Nidora and Yaya have been together for a long time. Retrieved 23 February

Both Alden and Yaya Dub reminisce the moment they saw each other, though fleeting, and they compliment each other on how they look in person.

eat bulaga problem solving august 28 2015

solvng Also Dodong shows the picture of him and his second wife to his daughter, much to her dismay. If Yaya wins, she will let the couple be together at Broadway. Retrieved 14 July The triplets try to chase them, while Nidora asks them the whereabouts of her Secret Diary.

They also do not want a place that is dirty, crowded and doesn’t have any water. The EB Team congratulate Nidora, Yaya Dub, and Alden who is not present for receiving the Catholic Social Media Awards last night for promoting proper social and moral values and also for being inspirational role models for the youth.


First Monthsary, First Challenge!

Eat Bulaga #ALDUB Kalyeserye August 28, 2015 [2/4]

Suddenly, some of the Rogelios arrive at the scene with the appearance of being beaten. In order to build a better future for their children, many OFWs are separated from their families.

Meanwhile, Alden sends a letter and bouquet of flowers to Yaya. In reality, Maine actually fainted because she was not feeling well and was rushed to the hospital that day. In order to prevent Dodong from taking Divina, the family would tell Dodong that Divina is not his daughter, but rather a maid at the mansion.

The mysterious caller from the previous episode contacts Nidora again. A weak Lola Nidora enters the scene in a stretcher with paramedics surrounding her.

eat bulaga problem solving august 28 2015

This page was last edited on 11 Januaryat Nidora then arrives furious, disappointed with the Rogelio’s for not obeying her strict orders. Thinking that it is Isadora, Nidora panics. She then grabs Frankie’s present in retaliation of Alden’s supposed disloyalty.

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Meanwhile, thinking that he would see Yaya Dub, Alden leaves the studio and charges to the wedding location, only to encounter Frankie.

Retrieved 2 August After her performance, Yaya Dub starts to 20115 for Alden. Lola Nidora reveals a box that contains the next challenge. Suddenly, a van arrives with a mysterious woman as its passenger. Alden must bring the food himself to Lola Nidora by the coming Saturday, and if he can make it, Lola will give him Yaya’s number. Frankie arrives and presents Yaya Dub with an engagement ring.


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The show almost ends when Tidora notices that Nidora is missing. Upon further reading the diary, Nidora realizes that the key is hidden inside a flowerpot in the garden, but she has instructed Aygust earlier to dispose of all flowerpots at the mansion to prevent the spread of dengue outbreak.

eat bulaga problem solving august 28 2015

Tinidora is also absent as she is at the embassy solvibg to sort out her papers for her travel to Europe. The Rogelios and Yaya attempt to corner the riders when one of them alights and tries to fight.

Starting July 30,GMA Network and Eat Bulaga twitter websites began to use hashtags to pool discussion and news about each episode. Retrieved 30 August Suddenly, the riding- in- tandem appears and attempts to grab Nidora’s blue folder.

Retrieved 16 August Shortly thereafter, Nidora reveals that Isadora left Yaya Dub in the care of Nidora after finding out that Isadora herself bulaag not part of the Zobeyala family. While everyone else is busy tidying up at the mansion, Tinidora discloses that the call she received yesterday was from her ex Bill, who wants to reconcile with Tinidora.