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But I feel the picture has some value to it because it was never published in Britain. Our Government has never issued medals to the commemeration of Dunkirk. Home Explore the BBC. If you are thinking it sounds like a tale of despair and further despair, you are right! You are browsing in: After doing my research in various books, it doesn’t look as though there was much hope for them: On 4 June, Churchill told the House of Commons that “wars are not won by evacuations,” and there was no doubt that the withdrawal from Dunkirk was a serious military reversal.

The drama of the evacuation, including the part played by small civilian pleasure boats, raised British morale. In the meantime, the Wehrmacht attacked the perimeter around the town and the Luftwaffe pounded the harbor and the beaches. My father was dying before he actually spoke to me about the horror of Dunkirk. They say it was a defeat. How about make it original? This man has written a lot of extracts for school text books, so I feel it would be safe to say that this source is reliable, but it would be good to know where this mans sympathies lie. Various explanations have been put forward for this order, including a need to preserve the armored forces for the impending push south, a misplaced faith in the Luftwaffe to finish off the BEF, a desire on the part of the Fuhrer to reassert his authority over his commanders, and a reluctance to believe that a large-scale sea evacuation was possible.

The Battle of the Atlantic ran from September right through until May Churchill was boosted in his conviction that the country must fight on alone inand he set about galvanizing evacuatoon nation for the struggle ahead.

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In the meantime, the Wehrmacht attacked the perimeter around the town and the Luftwaffe pounded the harbor and the beaches.


It came under French rule in There are many historians that believe from this point on what happened was truly a miracle.

The worldwide economic depression caused widespread hardship and evackation around the world. It was imminent that Germany was going to win the war from this position. The initial estimate of the number of men who could be evacuated was 45, – as somewere brought back to our shores, the word ‘DEFEAT’ should never be associated with Dunkirk. I am going to investigate eight sources four of which back up the theory of a miracle and four of which back up the theory that it was a disaster.

Was Dunkirk a Triumph? – GCSE History – Marked by

If you ask some of your Father’s relatives, you would be surrpised what you can find: To be frank, it was a horrific experience from which he was just lucky to escape. Encyclopedia of the Age of War and Reconstruction. I do not think that this source is Bias.

They are showing how the British newspaper could influence the British people. This a form of Italian propergander because it is trying to influence the Italians that they are joining the war on the stronger side. At the end of my investigation I will come to my own conclusion of whether it was a miracle or a disaster.

Under MG fire he took back the surviving gun and got it into action again. The views expressed are theirs and unless dunkikr stated are not those of the Ddunkirk. On the 28th May our modern destroyers were withdrawn from Dunkirk and losses that day H.

We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. But what was the real nature of this relationship during the Second World War?


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It also led to the rise of aggressive regimes in Japan, Italy and Germany. Sorry, but downloading is forbidden on this website.

dunkirk evacuation coursework

This source is secondary, with an objective account. These messages were added to this story by site members between June and January My GrandFather gave me a “watered down” article with a lot of detail but not enough for moi haha I later found out he never told me this that he recorded a 45 minute account on tape containing day to day personal accounts of every battle he was in, a tape which he gave to a muesum.

If you want general information on Dunkirk double click on the help page. Although it was not possible to maintain continuous air patrols over Dunkirk, and essential that precious aircraft were not frittered away when they would be needed for the forthcoming defense of Britain, much damage was done to the Luftwaffe during the evacuation period.

But attitudes began to change.

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Yes it is a reliable source because it is written for a schoolbook to learn about the topic. The Germans themselves contributed to svacuation escape of the BEF.

dunkirk evacuation coursework

TurnballJ. But I feel the picture has some value to it because it was never published in Britain. Whatever the reason, by the time the tanks began to roll again the BEF had strengthened its defense line, the troops were streaming into Dunkirk, and the chance to cut them off evacuatioj disappeared.

dunkirk evacuation coursework

The town withstood an Anglo-Dutch bombardment in and an English siege in