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There are three major competitors in the soft drink market Coca-Cola, This information prompts a wise decision to target these ethnic- racial groups to increase the market share of the squirt flavored carbonated drink. Competitive market- Carbonated drink industry is highly competitive industry As mentioned previously this industry of carbonated drinks is dominated by three companies, Coca cola, Pepsi and Dr. The risk with a multicultural marketing mind-set is that such a marketing campaign has the potential to isolate Caucasian consumers. One of the major problems with declining sales is the increase of Hispanic communities in markets that were previously popular markets for Squirt.

Brooks Products changed the formula, logo, and repositioned the brand as a mainstream soft drink. One of the opportunities is the growing trend of US consumers drinking habits. We will write a custom essay on Dr. CSD are popular among individuals aged 20 — Concentrate producers and bottlers usually share advertising costs because bottlers can target markets locally while producers focus on the bigger picture.

Click to learn more https: Another weakness is a lack of a bottler in the New York City metropolitan area. Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours Squirts advertising agency Foote, Cone and Belding suggested market targeting and brand positioning as two ways for Squirt to ssquirt out of this problem.

Dr Pepper – 7up, Inc. – Squirt Case –

There are three major competitors in the soft drink market Coca-Cola, They also combine to be the third largest soft drink company in the United States. This is important because that is a part of the focus of the Squirt advertising strategy.

dr pepper/7up squirt case study

It is one of the largest selling brands of soda in Mexico, and Squirt has large brand recognition there. It was a new carbonated soft drink that required less fruit and less sugar to produce hence it was quite famous during WWII.


Dr. Pepper/7 up Inc. Squirt brand Case Essay Example for Free – Sample words

There is a huge volume of carbonated soft drink consumption in the US. For wquirt, a Squirt campaign that is aligned with the Olympics with Olympic athletes as spokespersons could appeal to year olds regardless of race. Positioning and specific targeting is the main issue for the Squirt brand.

Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. The risk with a multicultural marketing mind-set is that such a marketing campaign has the potential to isolate Caucasian consumers. These populations often favor flavored beverages over colas.

Dr. Pepper/7 up Inc. Squirt brand Case Essay

Many factors must be considered in making a recommendation in regards which direction to market Squirt to the general public. If the census of is accurate then it is a fact that to target this huge population of Hispanics and African- Americans as future market for Squirt will be very beneficial. Squirt is already a well-known brand in Mexico, which is where most Hispanics are from. A strong opportunity for Squirt is the Hispanic market.

dr pepper/7up squirt case study

There is also a growing trend of US consumers drinking more non-cola products. How should Squirt be positioned according to the target market? Research also indicated that Squirt advertising effectively communicated the fun and thirst-quenching method. This strategy also broadens the ages that are targeted to How about receiving a customized one?

They all appeal to different groups seeking different benefits that Squirt may not be able to offer. If you contact us after hours, we’ll get back to you in 24 hours or less. Most CSD consumers are aged In alone, consumers on average drank 53 gallons of soft drinks per person a year.


Dr Pepper – 7up, Inc. – Squirt Case

How to cite this page Choose cite format: Squirt brand Case send By clicking “Send”, you agree to our terms of service and privacy policy. This leaves Squirt aiming at a mill of the run market without a strong definition of which age group they are aiming for and closed off from new emerging markets. Your Answer is very helpful for Us Thank you a lot! There are no threats specifically, but depending too much on particular ethnic group studg particular age, in short narrow targeting criteria can prove to be disaster if it backfires due to certain reasons, anchoring the target consumers because they are the main sr and they dictate the location to get squigt soft drink, also dominate taste preferences because soft drinks is an elastic product.

Therefore, Squirt could capitalize on name recognition and familiarity by duplicating advertisements that they may have seen in their home country.

dr pepper/7up squirt case study

The advertisements should focus more on real life moments while showing Squirt being consumed by individuals. Each competitor spends a lot of money on advertising their brand through promotions, and consumer price discounting.