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In United Reformed Church, De Doorns v President of the Republic of South Africa and Others, 92 the matter was primarily concerned with the validity of the provisions of clause 16 in the notarial lease agreements. Brand SALJ 71 To what extent has the common law of contract embraced constitutional values? It accordingly has been established that an sunt to vacate the premises would cause the respondent irreparable harm. Routledge, , p. The relocation of a business of this kind not pacta involves substantial costs, it requires long term planning and pacta well have a dire impact alliteration homework its reputation in the market place.

The classical model of law is based on the assumption that there is near perfect competition in the market, and that parties actually negotiate the terms of their contract. The copyright in this work vests in the University of Pretoria. The clause obliged the applicant to transfer its three properties, free of charge, to the first respondent after the expiry of the lease. The problem of unfair contracts is not only limited to consumer agreements but permeates the whole of contract law. Similarly, the High Court in Naidoo v Birchwood Hotel declined to enforce exemption clauses and the disclaimer notices on the basis that doing so would have been unjust and unfair. The importance of the enactment of the CPA thus cannot be underestimated. Secondly, terms misleading or deceiving the consumer; or subjecting the consumer to fraudulent conduct.

There are conditions that are prohibited outright with the result that they are void to the extent of their non-compliance with the CPA. This state of affairs has resulted in governments intervening in markets across the globe to alleviate poverty and some of the hardships caused by unbridled capitalism, particularly in consumer contracts. The doctrine is part of customary international law but is also provided for in the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treatiesunder Article 62 Fundamental Change of Circumstance.

Secondly, terms misleading or deceiving the consumer; or subjecting the consumer to fraudulent conduct. Hawthorne argues that the effectiveness of the CPA is undermined by its failure to introduce mandatory rules to avoid reliance on default rules. The Constitutional Court in Everfresh Market Virginia v Shoprite Checkers 73 emphasised the central importance of the principle of good faith and the desirability of infusing the law of contract with constitutional values, including the values of ubuntu.


The need to balance certainty, fairness and equity cannot be overstressed. Fairness a slippery concept: The second contention was that the provisions of clause 16 violate section 25 of the Constitution.

Routledge,p. Clausula rebus sic stantibus relates to changed circumstances only if they had never been contemplated by the parties.

The impact of pacta sunt servanda in the law of contract

The judgements mark a significant stride towards fairness and equity in contractual relationships. As shown above, there is a need for courts to continue infusing contract law with constitutional values.

Finding the right balance between freedom and sanctity of contract, and considerations of fairness, remains one of the problems facing modern pacha law. Registered in England and Wales.

dissertation pacta sunt servanda

The common law of contract and the Consumer Protection Act 68 of Die kontraktereg is in die verlede gekritiseer, onder andere vir die volgende redes: The case law in this research highlights the fact that courts are in favour of contractual validity and have accepted pacta sunt servanda as a cemented principle in the South African law of contract.

Die doel van hierdie artikel is om te bepaal of die regspaternalisme onderliggend tot die uitvaardiging van die WOV wel daarin slaag om van die kritiek aan te spreek wat in die verlede teen die gemeenregtelike kontraktereg geopper is, by uitstek ten opsigte van die billikheidskwessie. Common law is thus an uncodified body of law that is developed through the doctrine of stare decisis. Unfairness in contract law is dealt with in a number of ways, including the manner in which consensus is obtained; impossibility of performance; 74 relaxation of the caveat subscriptor rule; and through the contra proferentem rule, 75 which states that if there is ambiguity, the language must be construed against the proferens.

It should be read in conjunction with the rest of part G as well as with regulation 44 that lists contract terms that are presumed to be unfair. To deny him judicial redress for injuries he suffered in doing so, which came about as a result of the eissertation conduct of the hotel, offends against notions of justice and fairness The impact of pacta sunt servanda in the law of contract Login.


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Time limitation clauses are generally valid and enforceable based on the Constitutional Court decision in Barkhuizen v Napier. It is hoped that sujt law will provide direction in the near future. A consumer may approach an ombud, the consumer courts, the National Consumer Commission and the National Consumer Tribunal to obtain relief.

With the death of the exceptio doli generalis in Bank of Lisbon, 70 fairness could be achieved by developing the principle of good faith. Contract law basically deals with contractual private dealings and thus regulates socio-economic relationships in pacfa private sphere.

Most problems in contract law exist due to its classical nature, socio-economic factors, patriarchy and historical factors. Naude SALJ The relevant provisions of the CPA are examined below. Therefore, and subject to what follows, a servanda does not necessarily offend public policy merely because pcta may sunt unfairly.

dissertation pacta sunt servanda

The cornerstones of the South African law of contract are good faith, freedom of contract, sanctity of contract and privity of contract. The applicant argued directly for the development of the common law of contract in light of the spirit, purport and object of the Bill of Rights, but only in the Constitutional Court. Cserne Freedom of Contract and Paternalism: There is therefore a need to develop fairness so that it becomes a broad requirement of our law in contractual relations.