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These are held on a regular basis multiple times per year and provide information concerning the following topics:. PhD projects thus must contribute to the body of knowledge within the given area of research by yielding new and independent findings and moreover have to correspond to ethical and paradigmatic framework criteria of research: These devices also pose a new and exciting challenge for Auditory Display and Sonic Interaction Design, because these objects facilitate new configurations of sound, materiality and interaction, and also will lead to new forms of how interactive, even autonomous, objects become meaningful in a socio-cultural context. Was focused on machine construction and engineering before he started to study Informatics at the Kepler University in Linz and currently joins several courses of the Interface Culture Institute. As well as visual art Julian is involved in the music industry in bands, as a d. Currently he works on the project “maschine-mensch”, which pervertes the relationship between machine and man. It focuses on a body of original works which include multimodal interfaces, interactive narratives, videogames, art installations, and critical design concepts.

Research has demonstrated that there is a correlation between a person’s sound and weight or body density. Owing to his technical and scientific formation, his work and research deal with existent relation between art and science using technology, talking about many different topics like environmental problems, ecology or identity, being a conceptual artist. We try to promote a sustainable quality culture in teaching and learning art and design at an academic level. Lives and works in Linz, freelance digital videoeditingb for several art and culture documentations. Fellowships are granted for 12 months and after successful evaluation can be extended to up to 36 months in total. Her present interests are focused on how technology can influence life and enable the creation of digital artworks involving interaction with people.

A total of 91 students participated in the process. Hence, the university see it as their responsibility to qualify, stimulate and encourage professionals and researchers in the arts and culture who are aware of this fact and able to make relevant contributions to the cultural process within and beyond their respective fields.


She wrote several articles for exhibition catalogues which were presented at the exhibitions in Kosovo and Macedonia and was the head of the board at the Kosovo Art Gallery in Prishtina from January to June Rosemary Lee’s artwork and writing have been presented internationally in iunstuni, conferences, and publications related to art, theory, and politics.


As well as visual art Julian is involved in the music industry in bands, as a d. On the basis of their authorisation to teach venia docendiuniversity professors according to Art.

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She’s now finishing her master studies about the process of conception and development of interactive architectures and objects focusing on the role played by designers and architects on this field. Born in Germany, studies since in Austria. Developing his practice-based research, Tiago also became a guest lecturer in programming, physical computing, and play theory. Internationalisation is a natural part of the institutional culture. In she did an internship in San Francisco and worked there for Lynn Hershman.

This produces at least one direction of development or several directions of development and a suggestion can be made as to further developments in the future. These components can be fulfilled through teaching and seminars as well as through conference presentations and exhibitions, publications, workshops, essays and artistic work. My graduation thesis was about “Applications of Synaesthesia into Arts” and on that theme, as a synaesthete, sho worked on abstract paintings, digital videos, graphic designs, and media installations which were based on the translation from characters into colours.

He is currently based in Berlin, where he has worked as researcher, engineer and freelancer developing tangible and wearable interfaces and socially-connected experiences.

Within this thesis the visual motifs in interactive media art are researched not just in kunsstuni context of interactive media art globally, not just in the context of media art globally, but also in the context of traditional art. Social Relevance Art and Design play key roles when it comes to the development of cultures and identities.


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In this thesis, I set out to explore design approaches and interpretations of sound in interactive commodities. The programme serves to prepare each student for academic work in the field covered by his or her dissertation. Supervision Lina and supervisors sign a supervision agreement prior to starting the doctoral project.

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Mainly interessted in video and interactive Installations. Although my artistic education touches many fields of fine arts, such as drawing, painting, sculpture, graphic design, animation etc, I found myself best in interactive installations in wide spaces and stage design.

Her present interests are focused on how technology can influence life and enable the creation of digital artworks involving interaction with people.

dissertation kunstuni linz

Montag, Dienstag Hauptplatz 6 Linz Austria. Because everyone have the experience play the seesaw with our parents or friend when we are children. Summary Education Research Exchange mission statement intermediality. Not a Member yet? Born in Spain, he has a background in Industrial Design.

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In recent years incoming as well as outgoing rates have increased significantly. The Weight of OrchestraIdea: I took part in several art projects as an art director and designer in Paris and Istanbul. Linnz where our interest lies: All areas – degree programmes: My background is Graphic design and Animation.

She is an exchange student from Bauhaus University Weimar, Germany.