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Additionally, a short example how the integer program works should be given. The peak-end-rule for example suggests that incidents that occurred at the end of an encounter have a much stronger effect on the overall evaluation than the incidents during the rest of the experience. Besides performing a profound literature review in both fields of interest, the application of agent-based modelling to a simplified service process might offer additional insights for this thesis. These maintenance events can only be undertaken at specific airports; furthermore, it is beneficial to let aircrafts fly to maintenance airports regularly because when a non-critical component breaks it can be fixed quickly. Darauf aufbauend gilt es, Anwendungsbeispiele im Dienstleistungsbereich zu sammeln und strukturiert darzustellen. Uncertainty theory, which is a new mathematical tool to deal with human uncertainty, is employed to model demand distributions. The Concept of Lookahead in Railway Delay Management In the Online Delay Management Problem the number of delayed passengers who want to board the train is not known beforehand but revealed in an online fashion once the train arrives at the corresponding station.

Demnach wird jede Dienstleistung im Sinne eines Zeitplans als Serie von einzelnen Ereignissen interpretiert, die dann zur Maximierung des Nutzens in die richtige Reihenfolge gebracht und zum richtigen Zeitpunkt terminiert werden. Virtual reality techniques may be of interest in this context putting the customer in an active role instead of a passive observer. In the last decades, a great variety of scheduling models for the dispatching of trains were published. Focus should be placed on quantitative Operations Management or Operations Research models. In this thesis, the concept of hybrid objectives in the context of inventory management should be presented. But to improve solution models or timetables it is helpful to understand the propagation of delays in networks.

Heuristic Solution Procedures for Stochastic Vachelor Models with Congestion Stochastic location models are facility location models where consumers generate streams of stochastic demands for service and service times are stochastic.

Which simulation techniques are most datenerrhebung in service simulation? Menschen, Gruppen von Menschen, ein Unternehmen, einen Roboter, oder eine bestimmte Pflanzensorte — was auch immer zu deinem Thema passt. The thesis will conclude with an outlook on the future of simulation in service research.


Bachelor Thesis at the Chair of Service Operations Management

A downside of the growing transportation practice is the impact on environment, in terms of emissions. Robust Airline Fleet Composition Recently, researchers have developed advanced decision support models to assist airlines in strategic airline fleet planning and dynamic capacity allocation.

datenerhebung bachelor thesis

The objective of the thesis is to provide a review on the topic of throwaway mentality, its drivers, development over time and impact on environment and humans. Especially on single line tracks, an exact meet and pass plan for trains is needed to avoid deviations from the timetable. Mein erster Akademiker musste ausgetauscht werden, weil er nicht genug im Thema war. Dienstleistungsgestaltung an der Schnittstelle zwischen Marketing und Operations. For the fleet assignment FA the chosen flight legs from schedule design are assigned to a particular fleet of an airline in order to manage the tradeoff between lost revenue from spill of customers and higher operational costs for larger aircraft.

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The datenehebung to be analyzed does not necessarily need to be related to a service context. The thesis should describe how they can use the customer feedback for dispatching decisions and to improve the service quality. JavaScript ist in ihrem Browser deaktiviert. Customer-Oriented Service Design — Fundamentals and Methods Designing services is a key success factor in every modern business.

In this framework, where capacity is fixed, the seller is mainly interested in finding an optimal pricing strategy that maximizes the revenue collected over the selling horizon.

datenerhebung bachelor thesis

This bachelor thesis should critically assess the Multilevel Service Design technique. The aim of thesis is to review stochastic location models for mobile facilities subject to congestion. Where do analytical models fall short of capturing the behavioral realities? Online and Social Media Marketing.

According to this perspective, a service can be described as a series of events, each generating instant utility to the customer.


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Blendinger, Karoline Tablet Applications for the Elderly: Are there theeis methodological changes beyond the interviewing technique itself? Customers encounter queues in everyday life, whether queuing up virtually for ordering food online or physically while withdrawing cash at ATM. This remembered utility is either directly calculated using psychological constructs like memory decay and acclimation or estimated using sequence effects like peak-effect or end-effect.

Different methods exist in order to find out which preferences customers have.

Due to demand and service time uncertainty at a service station, queues are unavoidable. Train Scheduling — delay resistant railway timetables Train timetables are scheduled in a cyclic manner to be kept in mind easily, for example, every 60 minutes. The goal of the thesis is to explain the different patterns and their use for timetable adaptions.

In the Thesis Guide you theis find an overview of the methods and detailed instructions for working with them. The Concept of Lookahead in Railway Delay Management In the Online Delay Management Problem the number of delayed passengers who want to board the train is not known beforehand but revealed in an online fashion once the train arrives at the corresponding station. Usually, the problem is modelled as a multicommodity network flow problem with side constraints and an underlying time-line network.

Alternatively, there is also an incident-based approach that is especially designed for services. The goal of this thesis is to analyze the constructs of outcome and process utility, while the literature to be analyzed does not necessarily need to be related to a service context. This makes YOUR result clear, right from the start.

Railway companies are often confronted with delayed trains that can cause a disarranged timetable.