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Rather, I lay my worthless pencil down and start grinding the scythe’s edge instead, for time is ripening in our land with a silent, threatening sound. From the gentle autumn landscape and many kind women I try to piece you together, But there’s no time left as the all-consuming fierce fire grows hotter. After that I hawked books for a time here in Budapest, then, at the time of the inflation, I worked as a clerk in the Mauthner private banking establishment. They will catch me and hang me Then cover me with blessed earth and poisonous grass will grow on my beautiful heart. Many trains go past here and, time and again, I watch the lighted windows fly through the fluttering fluff-darkness. I am the Forbear who split and multiplied, Shaped my father and mother into whole, My father and mother then in turn divide And so I have become one single soul.

I shall be a wolf: Tell me what lies in store for a man They’ll catch me, hang me high In blessed earth I shall lie, and poisonous grass will start to grow on my beautiful heart. I love you like all mortals love living until they die. When I stir, they are embracing each other; It makes me sad.

Since then I have been living on my writing.

curriculum vitae józsef attila

Here I lived until I was seven and I even started working, as a swineherd like most poor children bitae the country. And reality smashed down on me like a loose boulder. But what concern are memories to me?

Curriculum vitae józsef attila?

And then one day by hook or crook You’ll find a wife who’ll kiss and cook. The spring is good and summer, too, But curriculun better and winter best For him who finds his last hopes through Family hearths he knew as guest. Stealthily you deserted your living faith You bore out of your loves amid your wails.

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O how I love you who, made to speak both, the wily solitude which weaves its plots in the deepest caverns of the heart and the universe. Re-creation by association of ideas is still a remaining possibility and translations produced józsfe this way may often surpass, match or approach the effect of the original. The technology of war’s changed. That is what troubles me.

A stray mongrel, the wind Wanders. I say that man is not grown-up yet but, fancying he is, runs wild. Then I was overtaken by a succession of such unexpected blows that however toughened I was by life I simply could not go on. Stars blaze and fall but you stand still in my eyes.

His yoke doesn’t creak and his ox does not bellow – he hasn’t any from the bottom of the mug rises the steam as he feeds his small family? I have seen that the past is split and only images can be forgotten; and that I can do nothing but curficulum, bowed down under my loads – why must I forge you into a weapon, gold of self-awareness!

Above us shone a blazing star, józzsef foot we’ve come from very far. But the Danube flowed on. You could rediscover your youth, between dank cement walls you can imagine a little freedom – I thought. Long I had lived with my own heart; Then others came with many a fuss. In China swings the mandarin. The stillness was listening – the clock struck one. Józsfe well these workshops keep The secret of resurrection. What poison, brewing now, eat us away?


curriculum vitae józsef attila

The sky is letting its blue eyes close; The house its many eyes closes, too. Let your stirring tale be said. The National Health Service first sent me to a sanatorium, then I was recommended for National Assistance, because of severe depression. For I am more than most, back curriculm the first cell To every ancestor I still belong.

Rather, I lay my worthless pencil down and start grinding józsed scythe’s edge instead, for time is ripening in our land with a silent, threatening sound.

Hungarian Poetry

There were occasions when I joined a queue at the foodstore at nine o’clock in the evening and just when my turn was coming at half past eight the next morning they announced that all the cooking fat had gone. I’ve done with the milk of story books; time’s slow seeping will never stop. Bonnerjea were done independently, but they were found so happily matching the mood of the originals that they were included at the expense of other translations which would have been closer to the originals in the sense of the narrow letter only.

From a frightful hovel in Vienna where, for four months, I hadn’t even any sheets, I went straight to Hatvan as a guest in the mansion of the Hatvany family.

Help yourself to sausage and bread.