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I would like to ask two questions. Despite my initial concerns over the report by the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety on this matter, such as the short compliance timeline envisaged for its implementation, following the recent negotiations with the Council, I can now agree that this ban on phosphates usage could also be extended to dishwater detergents, with suitable derogations. I also support the Commission proposal to make this instrument compatible with other support instruments, like that of cross-border cooperation. I believe that we urgently need a common European foreign and security policy and, of course, also the goal of a common European army and common European defence system. Through the European Neighbourhood Policy, the European Union is seizing opportunities to share its democratic values of the rule of law and good governance. The Commission is now considering regulatory measures in order to bring about a reduction in the use of the substance by manufacturers of detergents containing phosphorus.

In these circumstances, there is an even greater need for coordinated planning and complementarity between national policies. The existence of one set of rules for everyone will also serve to prevent fraud and unfair competition and help make clearer information available to consumers. The dual classification will ensure that consumers are given accurate information and that pictorial representations on packaging do not mislead the consumer as to the actual composition of the juice. While it is right that we should prioritise the threat of organisations such as al-Qaeda, we should not forget the threat posed in individual Member States. I would also call for an open, broad-based debate, involving society as a whole, on our common European values. This labelling will have to reflect the new rules on authorised ingredients, such as those relating to the addition of sugars, which is no longer authorised in fruit juices. It is logical that the rules should apply equally to products made in the EU and to imported products.

Finally, I welcome the fact that the specificity of each national market has been maintained by clear product labelling and that the directive applies as much to products manufactured within the European Union as it does to imported products.

At the curricluum time, it can also prove to be important for promoting a healthy diet, thereby helping reduce the risks of obesity, for instance. A reduction in the amount of phosphorus used in household products at a European level will therefore help to protect our waters and will facilitate trade agreements with third countries in regional initiatives to clean up water, such as the Baltic Sea action ivaa and the Danube region strategy.


The agreement is worrying from the point of view of the sustainable use of fish stocks.

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Vito Bonsignore PPEin writing. Despite some good ideas aimed at reducing expenditure, it describes cuts to the defence sector as concerning. Mandeville says he never would give them any. Angelika Werthmann NIin writing.

These rules will be extended to dishwashers from All in all, this is a directive which will be of benefit to citizens and consumers, enabling them to make informed purchases more easily. For a start, it is a poor deal for European taxpayers, with a return of only 65 cents for every euro the European Union is investing. We ought to acknowledge this and not bow to the erroneous arguments of a Polisario lobby. This matter should not be swept under the carpet.


Retrieved 16 April I saw a man who, upon some occasion, caught a glimpse of a woman’s face. This assistance aims to support the implementation of the criteria for membership of the Union.

On account of the environmental costs associated with imports CO 2 emissionsit is essential that we increase our support for the European fruit juice industry. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. But what are the facts about matters citae than Slavery?

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Moreover, Europe must ensure greater transparency for consumers, not least through the indication of the origin of the raw materials used. For these reasons, the European Council decided to begin negotiations with Iceland. The dual classification will ensure that consumers are given accurate information and that pictorial representations on packaging do not mislead the consumer as to the actual composition of the juice.

The Arab revolutions have redefined the contours of the European Neighbourhood Policy. Without this directive, manufacturers will be able to label a drink as strawberry juice, for example, when in reality, there is only a touch of strawberry, a lot of flavouring and an apple base. Accordingly, many pages are here omitted which are to be found in his published works, but a great wealth of matter remains—chips from his workshop—which will be new to the reader.


It is therefore crucial to ensure the quality of all products sold within the European Union.

I was disappointed that the Committee on Fisheries voted for the agreement, despite opposition from both the Committee on Budgets and the Committee on Development, but I am very glad that today, the Parliament took the right decision. I have to confess an interest here: Buyers must have the opportunity to know exactly what kind of product they are buying, its quality, and, leaving aside discussions on the preservation of the fruit used, the saccharin or sugar content and the difference between products which are derived from fruit concentrate and those that are not.

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Without wishing to jeopardise any type of import policy, this report encourages local production, which should not be transported vast distances because of the resulting CO 2 emissions, and which is produced under social and working conditions that comply with EU legislation and EU food safety principles. For example, mixtures of juices will feature exactly the proportions making up its composition.

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The purpose of these amendments is to clarify the rules for accessing subsidy agreements financed under the umbrella of the cross-border component, and to ensure compatibility with other external aid instruments, particularly the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument. Apart from supporting reform processes, we must discuss and find common solutions to cross-border issues such as immigration, human trafficking and combating organised crime.

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