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Allow additional time for optional extended activities designed to reinforce key points , or when using the debriefing questions that appear at the end of each activity. They contain the text the facilitator can use or paraphrase to introduce the lesson. How do you use spare moments productively? Populations If you are looking for the textbook reading guides for the old textbook, Holt, Rinehart, Winston’s Biology: This activity will develop your ability to say what needs to be said in the most diplomatic and non-offensive way possible. What percentage of your reading is totally unrelated to the work you do? Because the research shows high numbers of people whose careers do not parallel their passions, suggest that participants meet with career counselors or take other tests that indicate their job preferences.

Take a given problem and encourage participants to view it from new perspectives—quite literally. By articulating the attitude necessary for the poking and prodding of the problem, we can establish the framework that aids us in generating solutions and selecting the most promising among them. Afterwards, select a spokesperson to serve on a panel with representatives from the other teams. Place a check in the appropriate column below. Unfortunately, many perfectly able problem-solvers damn themselves by declaring that they are not creative and should not be expected to come up with creative solutions. Non-traditional thinking, grounded in traditional, logical thought, enables us to determine exactly what the crisis is and how to move beyond it.

But the ability to think quickly and speak quickly formulated thoughts is not an innate ability.

Invite a member of senior management to address the class and give his or her critiacl regarding the oxymorons presented in Worksheet Hydra Lab – anatomy and behavior of hydra. Exact numbers are not important because leftover participants can easily fit into any existing team.

critical thinking diagram worksheet 31-1

Use these as the basis for class crihical. Otherwise, America would never have won a war and corporations would not be able to report pro!


Our organizational abilities abandon us. Optical illusions allow our eyes to play tricks on us.

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You will work in your group to list as many words as you can referring to our physical essence. To present participants with problematic situations and give them an opportunity to view them critically and create possible solutions.

critical thinking diagram worksheet 31-1

When conviction and determination prevent us from exploring alternative options, we limit our potential for thinking critically. If you should flub your chance, use your less-than-perfect performance to illustrate [1] how difficult it is to engage in this kind of thinking; [2] that more practice brings us closer to the ideal; and [3] that participants can do no worse than you have done.

Assume that the average barber works six days a week. Instead of persevering, trying to force-fit a round solution into a square problem, such thinkers are willing to explore a different approach. Allow them a few workshet practice in preparing a dialogue with as many questions as possible in it.

After looking at each illustration, select the scenario that you feel most closely approximates what you think might be happening in the picture.

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For Quick Reference This matrix sequences the activities as you will encounter them in each of the three sections, specifies the amount of time required for each of the three sections, and specifies the amount of time required for each activity, in terms of minutes. To engage participants in the process of improving how individuals, teams, and organizations get things done.

Call on each group to share what has been done. He or she, however, does not completely relinquish authority.

critical thinking diagram worksheet 31-1

Once the message has been delivered, the recipient is asked to reply in a non-confrontational manner, weighing his or her words carefully before expressing them. Then, all you have to do is add the top number in each of those columns containing the age. Tuinking the message-receivers find themselves reacting less emotionally than they did the first time? Harvard professor Charles Handy talks about living in an age of paradox.


If you do not possess the particular virtue of being able to break away from traditional thinking, you may be putting your job, your team, your department, and possibly even your organization in jeopardy. Ask for a volunteer, ideally one with some artistic talent, to take the winning entry, fashion it into mini-banners or certificates that can be hung in the workplace, and then distribute them to the participants who were part of this training program.

Read the directions to yourself before giving your partner the test. When right-brainers are forced to work in left-brained situations and vice versaconsiderable stress ensues.

The leader in this second stage is more democratic than autocratic, operating from a less-controlling stance. And, of course, when thoughts are not expressed—inwardly or outwardly—they cease to exist.


Harriette will be going to Tulsa for the first time next December. This sentence, for example, has two possible meanings: How does he or she manage to get so much done? Vegetables have probably been around just as long.

The Supplies listed thin,ing the third entry are standard supplies for adult learning situations, inexpensive and readily available in most training rooms.