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There is a correlation between test scores and skill scores. It may be helpful to use a thesaurus to find synonyms for your key words. What was the value of the activity think globally? More important than this was our teamwork, which was collaborative in our understanding of how we could have done better. The resources we were given were general books on problem solving techniques, so we decided to ignore these, which was a pretty drastic lapse in judgement.

They provide the outline for individualized units of instruction in a comprehensive HOE class, or support actual classroom goals for career-specific courses. We believe the students have the right to know the standards to which they will be held accountable. In logical order, each student should stand and explain his or her poster — the topic and content details. However, this was a big realization for all of us that we needed to play by the rules to do well, rather than produce the best product. Try to assign each student or group a different topic. John McCaw, Apr 1, , 8:

Some skill sheets may differ than the ones in the curriculum.

creative problem solving hosa study guide

The questions should be short answer, with the answer provided on the same side of the card. Published aolving Caren Anthony Modified over 3 years ago.

HOSA in the Classroom.

In HOSA, the passing standard varies from test to test, based on the nature of the test and other factors. How did that feel?

Bring in local health professionals to judge according to the rating sheets. While ethically dubious, this is what was required to win.

HOSA in the Classroom. – ppt download

Give students a copy of the EW rating sheet and an essay topic. Another option would be to have students write down important points after each speech — both based on what they heard and what they stuy themselves. As a homework assignment, classroom activity or assessment, Extemporaneous Writing should be frequently used in the HOE classroom. Project Basics What do you already know about the Graduate Project? The HOE teacher should help students understand the following guidelines.


Write out what you are looking for studg you begin. For years, HOSA gathered evidence by comparing skill scores to test scores. Along with the questionnaire, publish a list of lifestyle changes that might help prevent or delay the onset of diabetes.

Students typically write LOTS of papers in college. What we find is that the scores will range from a high of to a low of about Have students write their paper within the given time and rate it according to the rating sheets.

These pieces of evidence can be incorporated as you write pasted into the text or added as attachments. How is it the same or different from what I planned to do?

creative problem solving hosa study guide

While I do not have any intentions of pursuing a career in a HOSA related field, this allowed me to learn about an area that I would not normally encounter, and as I am always in pursuit of the rennaissance ideal, this means a great deal to me. When you focus on the purpose of the competitive events program, you focus on achieving HOE goals. Through this process, the passing standard maintains currency dtudy validity.

creative problem solving hosa study guide

These events can easily be adjusted to meet the desired learning outcomes in the classroom. While I do not wish to pursue a career in a health-related slving, health care and health care systems are an integral part of modern society, thus it is crucial that all people have an understanding of current issues and debates. Be sure to display student posters. Yes, the standard was met as described in the description column, or No, it was not.


In logical order, each student crdative stand and explain his or her poster — the topic and content details.

Use judges and choose them wisely.

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syudy A day in the school computer lab is helpful in completing Internet research. Involving parents and school administrators can also provide positive publicity for your program. Educators call them rubrics.

Then have them develop a test plan based on their questions. On the other hand, this is a great classroom hoda that can also provide positive recognition for students through state and national HOSA conferences. The teacher should fill in the blanks of any necessary content not covered during the presentations. While Round One qualifying does not guarantee that all students who make it to Round Two can do the skills, it has improved the percentage of skilled students who are judged.