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No case studies or anything like that. You will be fine. I have read and accept MindSumo’s Privacy Policy. Interview On campus interview. Interview Questions What is something you are passionate about? Decided to Pursue a Wall Street Career?

Interview Questions How would you go about constructing an excel model that tracked the fluctuating prices of gas? If you’re Energy, you’ll stay within Energy, Healthcare within Healthcare, etc. Flag as Inappropriate Flag as Inappropriate. Those who say any of these functions aren’t important or relevant simply refuse to see the big picture. Hey guys so I am choosing between these two options. They try to see if you a good fit for the company moreso than anything. To clarify, I know that you don’t necessarily get to choose all of your rotations – my question is whether you can choose within which business to do the rotations.

One over the phone with HR, two face to face interviews with upper management. The process took 2 weeks. I applied through an employee referral. People are continually weeded out. The point is not what a single individual did, but how representative his case is.

GE FMP Interview Questions

Explore company projects on MindSumo. The backoffice at any BB is most likely replaceable, no one would care if someone left. Please check the boxes below.


cover letter for ge fmp program

I officially have the offer now so I made a more detailed thread in the IB forum: Interview Questions What is the most interesting course you’ve taken? Close Your trust is our top concern, so companies can’t alter or remove reviews. It’s all very helpful. Sort of at a crossroads. Thanks for all the responses so far.

Answer Question Tell me about yourself. Really good deal flow and chance to work directly alongside MD’s and VP’s because its a new office. Don’t think I know of anyone who went to BB.

Monkey 31 May 2, – Interview On campus process. Join the GE team. Fr also goes for corporate strategy. Chimp 15 Oct 10, – 1: Chimp 13 Oct 7, – 6: See Our Latest Jobs. In all the career events I attended, the FMP was portrayed as a generic program in which you get to do a bit of everything.

On top of that, managers have a less noble incentive to create FMP rotations: Interview Attended several recruiting events on-campus, interviewed with a GE executive and heard back the next day that I had received an offer.


cover letter for ge fmp program

Friend is finishing up his 2nd year in the program and he told me the new hires are starting at Well I get what he means with that. Furthermore, if you move up, you WILL be calling the shots on a lot of what the business does.

I remember at my fr round interview the interviewer specifically told me it was accounting focused and I responded by telling her how much I despised accounting and thought it would be a waste of my youth, sufficed to say I didn’t get a call back.

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Getting a job today i’s not as simple as get good grades, etc. United Nations – Full Time views. I applied online through my campuses job board but also online through GE’s website as this was a request of the description. Application I applied in-person.

Lwtter Questions Considering that the interview was with HR, there were no technical questions.