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Exam results really matter. Request remoderation, your school will get the fee back if the senior moderator agrees with your marking. The year-old girl was planning to study history at university and has managed to keep her place after the school intervened and spoke to the university. Confusing but actually fair. Study tools and advice 12 tips to get post grades Interactive study textiles Free learning resources. Get advice from your teachers about what is and is not possible. All our students were on target, and I think a deity visited a couple of mine

All that gives them a perspective on whether something has gone wrong. Mieten oder kaufen, neu oder gebraucht – fragen Sie Preise und Konditionen an. Or ways of getting more money from school for re-marks. I did Textiles, my teacher was so crap that I post to drop textiles, but I do have a page by page guide, the coursework textiles is AQA. Please click on the link below to download our past papers and mark schemes.

In answer to the grumble about moderator specialisms it really should not make any difference as the assessment criteria is the same across the specs and they have been trained on a wide range of examples and have numerous examples to compare with.

AQA GCSE Product Design results | TES Community

I have emailed Ibrahim Subahi directly to try and get a proper response. I also don’t understand how one persons opinion can change the marks that dramatically. All our students were on target, and I think a deity visited a couple remak mine Each case is different, and we strongly advise you to talk to your teachers before getting a remark.


A site to help anyone submit a Freedom of Information request. Well, what pages have you done so far?! It seems the same has happened to you.

AQA – view and make Freedom of Information requests – WhatDoTheyKnow

Annotated by Jim Goebel on 10 September Only requests made using WhatDoTheyKnow are shown. Most people in my class got barely half marks until they kept getting a remark.

In the past very few remark requests lead to a down-grade, but changes to regulations aaqa this is now more likely. The raw mark is what you actually got on the paper and what you should see on marked scriptsthe UMS mark is derived statistically from coursdwork almost certainly different from your raw mark to take account of things like the overall difficulty of the exam.

AQA GCSE Product Design results

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Knight1 Follow 0 followers 0 textiles Send a private message to Knight1. Dixons Innovation Centre is continuing to run training workshops and I believe that we can greatly assist schools to adapt their methods of working coursdwork best meet the new assessment scheme.

Your name or email address: My teacher is so crap that all our class went help the headteacher to complain. The candidates should supply information regarding the level of demand and if they don’t then it’s the role of teacher gemark to fill the gaps. Gary Wakefield, vice principal at Caroline Chisholm School, said: I have forwarded it to the Entries Team.


The terms of the Freedom of Information Act apply specifically to public authorities.

coursework remark aqa

The terms of the Freedom of Information There are actually two marks to consider. How do I get a remark? Several years ago on the old AQA specification we had a Graphics sample re moderated. The emphasis is very different xoursework my experience has been that schools are slow to adapt.

AO1- Visual Research drawings, paintings etc. But, unless the marked paper is quickly available online and at the time of writing this only some Pearson exam papers areyou will not be able to get them in time to ask for a priority review of marking. The exam board said guidelines for examiners forbid them from marking A Level papers in a public place but there is nothing to stop them taking the papers on wqa transport before they have been marked.

Don’t forget to look at the how to guide. I’m sure that post help.

coursework remark aqa

Just be aware that grade boundaries also changed this year which will have further impacted upon any adjustment. We had a similar experience. I did this on a grid. Original post by Aramiss18 chill out its only textiles.