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Each of these stakeholders has an agenda. Massage therapy research plan phase 1 – ideas from stakeholders: Questions were presented to study participants in written form and are appended here Additional file 1: The concept of personal space is an important one in the massage therapy profession and it needs to be well understood by those training for the profession. There are also municipal bylaws and taxation to be considered. Also, some administrators noted that most of their faculty do not have a research background and, therefore, are not willing or able to implement new research courses into the curricula. It will also be the Intern’s responsibility to locate patients or situations to complete the competency completion check-list.

The endocrine system is comprised of hormones and the system coordinates metabolism, respiration, excretion, movement, reproduction and sensory perception. College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia. This is echoed in a statement from one MT college representative below:. Touch therapies are generally misunderstood in Canada; in other countries, such as Thailand and India, massage is a time-honoured tradition understood by the majority of the population as beneficial for health [ 10 ]. Students also work closely with Clinic Supervisors to learn how to meet the needs of specific patient populations.

Currently, RMTs are private practitioners of healthcare operating within a largely publicly funded system, positioning them outside of the dominant system of healthcare and cmtgc them an important case study in private healthcare.

cmtbc case study

A second focus of this course is negotiation and conflict resolution. However, although the importance of research was frequently cited, peer-reviewed literature and research education practices are minimal.

The purpose of this paper is to examine the perspectives of other stakeholders- MT educational institutions, regulators and funders — soliciting their views on the advancement tsudy this profession.

In addition to audio-recording, the principal investigator took notes throughout the interviews. This course is stidy to reinforce application of ALL the didactic and practical programming in a cohesive and relevant manner. Faculty needs to buy into research with their world view.


It is unlikely that a substantial portion of MT college graduates could indeed design and conduct independent research for a number of reasons. As a result, MSAK Consolidation is both a didactic and a practical class, allowing the student to demonstrate understanding and applied skills in the last term of the program.

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The nutritive values of vitamins and provitamins are discussed, as are their food sources and dietary requirements. We were, therefore, unable to include the voice of government in this study.

The endocrine system guides human growth and development through the life-span. In this course, there are three primary focus areas: A significant number of their practitioners are actively engaged in evidence-based studies producing a number of robust research articles annually. Skin diseases are examined as part of Pathology I.

cmtbc case study

However, there is shudy no documented evidence of side effects of MT [ 14 ]. The purpose of the course is to build a body of knowledge of the bones and muscles of the lower body. How do you want to practice and where do you want to work?

Physiotherapists undergo a similar process with most students completing an undergraduate degree and then enrolling in a Masters of Physical Therapy program now available in many public universities across the country [ 18 ]. One MT college administrator noted:. For example, connecting MT to aesthetic and cosmetic services and other beauty or fashion-oriented businesses is one way of increasing profits in this field.

Drawing from neuroanatomy and previous treatment related courses, pathology of the peripheral nervous system is studied. Proper chair massage delivery utilizing a massage chair will also be learned.


cmtbc case study

However, it was interesting to ask each participant about their own personal experience with MT. Although many ideas were presented, almost all stakeholders felt that increased research on the benefits of MT would help elevate the cmtb.

A secondary focus is the autonomic nervous system, which has been referred to in RMT Another reason has to do with the limited funding opportunities available to RMTs who wish to involve themselves in MT research. Tangibles include the negotiation of leases and contracts. Profit margins are important to at least two out of our three stakeholder groups and this is where conflict within the profession may exist.

Capsular patterns of restriction, arthrokinetic movements, and restrictions are learned before the proper hand placement and force of thrust are applied to each peripheral joint in the body. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

Increasing the number and quality of studies examining the efficacy and safety of physiotherapy, nursing and chiropractic practice have helped stusy professions gain recognition from both other healthcare professionals and governing bodies of healthcare. Massage therapists must possess a comprehensive knowledge base and skill set to be successful in this field.

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The student must also utilize techniques conveyed in RMT to maintain and bolster a clinical following. Chiros realised this and train to be both a good business person and practitioner.

Another major focus of this course is the philosophy of evidence-based practice.