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A practice session used as a classroom activity, as described above, cannot function as the final Speaking and Listening Test. If the topic is interesting, it is more likely that presentation of it will be lively and attractive. The marks appear in Appendix B. There are two key areas that will be commented upon on in the report: It is important therefore when task-setting that the criteria are considered at the planning stage. The final date and methods for submitting these internally assessed marks are detailed in the Cambridge Administrative Guide available on our website www.

Please remember to submit your application for accreditation in sufficient time to permit possible further attempts should they be required. This publication offers guidance and support exclusively on AO3: Managing the administration of the Speaking and Listening Test That students should be included. His thorough immersion in the subject is very clear in the talk. At the end of the examining on each side of the cassette, the examiner should state:

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Learners with higher level Speaking and Listening skills need to be given activities which they will find challenging, and which provide scope for extending content. Please note that the recorded final test must be in an examination room situation and only the examiner, the candidate, and an interlocutor if utilised can be present. For Component 6 the Speaking and Listening courseworkteachers may or may not decide to involve the candidates in the selection of their own activities, but should take overall responsibility for monitoring selections and ensuring that the activities have adequate focus, control and scope for development.

Year you need to cambridge igcse exam board: This is assisted by the high standard of examiner input in this recording which challenges the candidate and enables them to achieve high marks.


Candidates must be prepared to supply additional factual material where appropriate and to express and defend a point of view.

cie 0522 coursework cover sheet

Not able to use language devices e. You can add this document to your saved list Sign in Available only to authorized users.

Achieve a have achieved a c grade. Be careful not to dominate, while remaining constantly involved in the discussion. For Component 5, there is a window of two months in which all of the tests must be conducted.

Component 6 allows for full integration into the English teaching scheme. Sample Speaking and Listening coursework 9.

Please remember to submit your application for accreditation in sufficient time to permit possible further attempts should they be required. The focus appears to be on the human element of photography — how photographs capture moments of human experience in a unique way. This candidate feels strongly about this particular use of sharks and conveys this with partial success.

You are therefore free to manage coursework in the way that best suits your own circumstances. The examiner asks a very good question about the skill of a photographer, and the candidate presents a considered response which compares a photographer to a fine artist.

cie 0522 coursework cover sheet

Informative coursework portfolios monday thru friday. The main purpose of this support material is: It would be sensible for learners to research their topic several months before the test, and also to practice the delivery of the presentation several times, each time modifying their approach and material slightly.

Sample Speaking and Listening coursework CD1 contains the practice marked samples 1—9 referred to in Sections 1—9. Band 4 3—4 marks Content is thin or couesework inconsistently used; delivery is not secure, resulting in significant loss of audience interest; limited employment of language devices e.


Sections 1—5 of this handbook will deal with the Speaking and Listening Test Component 5. Although we expect candidates to expand their topic, it is important to remember that knowledge of the topic is not being assessed. It is important for learners to research their topics fully to bring fresh, interesting content to their task.

Speaking and Listening Training Handbook 0500 and 0522 Cambridge IGCSE

Band 3 5—6 marks Adequate use of content; delivery is secure but unimaginative, resulting in some loss of interest; language devices e. New School, Wellington, Centre number: Not hesita best custom writing. Please ensure that once you have received confirmation of your accredited status, that your Centre registers you with Cambridge using the Teacher Assessment Form 1. If your application is successful in either component you will be accredited to mark both automatically.

Another advantage of using digital recording and creating audio files is that the Centre will have a back up of all candidate recordings should Cambridge need further samples or a replacement sample. If learners wish to talk about a hobby or interest, it is suggested that they find a creative way of doing this, with new information or through a different kind of delivery. The concern here is that Part 2 can fall into a pattern of relaying experiences and anecdotes and to some extent, this happens here.