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Public Private login e. Only in naturalness and simplicity of spirit can we make contact with that which is both origin and goal. The rivers and valleys of a fine landscape, viewed at a distance, show their contours ; viewed at close range, they show their component parts. Since I became a fisherman on the banks of the Klang and the ,V,Che,,;, For twenty and more years my hands have never been folded in salutation.. Public Private login e.

SO The Meaning op Painting. Men of to-day, however, are swept away by their impulses and feelings, and rush to complete their work. Bathing with water and ink well mixed is called cleansing. In painting a scene, irrespective of its size or scope, an artist should concentrate his spirit upon the essential nature of Ms work. Tags What are tags? Many presented themselves early and began at once to paint before the Prince. The repeated rinsing of a drawing with water and ink is called maldng the colour stand out in relief.

London, Herbert Jenkins, p. It is full of colour and subtle light and shade, heat, and vivid mtemity.

an essay on landscape painting by kuo hsi

What the laoist objected to, and rightly, was the attitude of thuange Tzu s frog in a well to whom it was useless to speak of the ocean.

Wingate has pointed out: Therefore, I, Ssii, have set dovm the following poems, paintinb of which my father was fond of recit- ing. The morning view of the moimtain has its own appearance ; the evening view its own ; views on a clear or cloudy day still their own. Studies in the History of the Religion of India.

Now the portion of a mountain on which the ko shines is bright, while the other portion where the sun does not fall is dark. Its appearance is that of an emperor sitting majestically in all his glory, accepting the service of and giving audience to his subjects, without sign of arrogance or haughtiness.


Translated by Lionel Giles. If the earthy mountain has stones on top, then trees and forest growth will be scarce and lean, but if the stony mountain has earth on top, the vegetation will flourish.

Tags What are tags? With Introduction by Sir Arthur N.

View online Borrow Buy. Having drawn a picture, he would retouch here and add there ; augment and adorn it.

an essay on landscape painting by kuo hsi

A mountain is a large object: CMnese Taoism and Indian Buddhism profoundly modified by its contact with native thought are the parents of Sung art. Physical Description 70 p.

The part of a tree used in comparison with men is the leaves. Big pine trees and big stones must always be painted on great banks and great slopes, and not on shallow shoals and flat inlets. Diligence and reverence a. In dra,wing water, if the peaceful, the raging, the whirling, the dashing, and the overflowing, are all portrayed ; if the river is shown leading out towards a far expanse ; then the representation of water is varied, and is abundant and satisfying in itself.

However, landscapd suitable for travelling in or gazing upon is not as successful as one in which one may dwell or lanvscape. Physical Description 70 p. If a mountain at a distance of several scores of miles does not have the size of a tree, then it is not a large mountain.

Only in naturalness and simplicity of spirit can we make contact with that which is both origin and goal. It is impossible to discuss the Sung or any other period of Chinese culture without reference to the religious ideals of the Chinese sages and the sacred classics.


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This home of Wang Wei is famous for two reasons j it was the subject of one of his best poems and the name of one of his uiost brilliant paintings. Not that other peaks are not elegant, but that peaks like Shao Shih of the Snng-shan are rare, for they rise from the heart of the earth and not from the surface. A grateful aclmowledgment is due to Lilian E.

His fault is that of landscappe concen- trating on the essential.

Full text of “An Essay On Landscape Painting”

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To them I have added others which I have sought out for myseE I list them below. Beside water where the soil is lean, there may grow a shrub only a few feet high.