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His parents, wife and five children miss him dearly and pray for him to rest in eternal peace. Without losing his calm, Asad jumped into the water and managed to pull his cousin out alive. He was a savior. Amir rushed outside only to be met with a terrible sight: She was a role model for her family. On the day of the APS attack, he demanded a new sweater and his sister assured him that his wish would be fulfilled after he returned from school. His parents proudly display his letters of appreciation and certificates.

I went to my class and found my class fellows sitting on the floor at the corner of the room – a few of them were crying. His mother says her son was a generous boy, and once gave Rs to a poor woman who was begging on the street for blood pressure medication. Hailing from Malakand, Zeeshan Ahmed enjoy playing cricket. Saqib aspired to be a civil engineer. He was their perfect child. Meanwhile, Hussain ran outside and confronted three armed men.

Peshawar school massacre

Till date, the cake is still at home. A punctual and studious child, Yasirullah had originally aspired to be a doctor.

terrorist attack on aps peshawar essay

Aqsa Iqbal 24 and Mohammad Terrorkst Iqbal There is no one on the other side to killed unjustly and tortured without any call a truce or declare a ceasefire, no one reason.

Oh dawn, you just made me remember every event again. No one who was at the Army Public School in Peshawar, Pakistan, on December 16,will ever be able to forget the nightmare that unfolded.

Awal Shah and Razia Sanam Siblings: Those suits could never be worn by his son.


He ate one and told his mother to serve the other to his father who was sleeping at that time. Shahnaz put great emphasis on education and the studies of her own children. He stood at the door and made sure his classmates evacuated the room.

terrorist attack on aps peshawar essay

I will continue my studies and become an engineer. He used to tell his father that he would like to become a religious scholar. According to his father, Rana was a brilliant student and had excellent oratory, reading and writing skills. By the way, is our government doing something to construct a monument and name important places, schools, colleges and dams after the martyrs of APS? However, riding bikes was his favourite past-time. When he came home from school, he would help his mother in the kitchen, wash the dishes and clothes and knead peshawsr dough for cooking roti.

There priorities are differentso dont expect anything from them.

Remembering lives lost in the Peshawar school attack – Pakistan –

It would be her only day at school. And even when the terrorists are convicted and sent to prison, the frail policing system of Pakistan has seen many jailbreaks, including the Bannu [58] and Dera Ismail Khan [59] jailbreaks, in which many esday terrorists escaped.

Before he went to school that day, Shah warned his sisters not to eat the sweets his uncle had gifted to him. She says her son did not want to go to school that day but she forced him to go. His uncle describes him as a respectful and responsible member of the family, who never hurt a soul. Remembered by his father as a brave boy, Shahzeb chose the lives of his friends over his own.


Ibad ur Rehman 19 and Maad ur Rehman His classmate Samiullah says Shahzeb saved him and their other friends during the massacre. According to his father, Hayatullah was bold and confident and surprised elders with his quick intelligence. Zulqarnain joined APS just two months before the attack. The hijackers intentionally hijackers had redirected toward crashed two airliners into the Twin Washington D. His mother misses her son terribly, and wishes he would ask her to cook qeema.

Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. He showed a keen interest in studies and wanted to become an Army Captain.

Her husband says she was present in the auditorium during the attack but had managed to exit safely. As Pakistan is frontline attacks on 13 November and under state in this war on terror for the reason consideration Peshawar attack on 16 she is among top sufferers of the December I are aftermath of the US terrorism. Her beautiful smiling face and pleasant voice echoes in their ears.