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In the Philippines, the individual is blamed for his wrongdoings. Recognizance” refers to an undertaking in lieu of a bond assumed by a parent or custodian who shall be responsible for the appearance in court of the child in conflict with the law, when required. In , the United Nations conducted a study that sought to find out reasons for juvenile devious behaviors. What can society do when faced with this situation and the government imposed a Decree that incarcerates the children of our country? The worst one was the rehabilitation centre named the Molave Youth Center. The developmental immaturity of juveniles mitigates their criminal culpability. Remember me on this computer.

To correct Tulfo, a law is never an act of one senator. They shall be handled by female doctors, correction officers and social workers, and shall be accommodated separately from male children in conflict with the law. These patterns are generated by the higher population density, degree of heterogeneity, and numbers of people found in urban contexts. Performance indicators should include staff. Stages Where Diversion May be Conducted.

Children above 15 and below 18 years old who have committed a crime — with discernment — punishable with not more than 12 years of imprisonment shall undergo diversion.

Various sectors gather to promote Juvenile Justice Welfare Act

The taking of the statement of the child shall be conducted in the presence of the following: Credit in Service of Sentence. Return of the Child in Conflict with the Law to Court. In order to have an in nation building. Since the offender is a minor, the According to RAthe participation of children police officers make sure to maintain peace and protect in the program and policy essa and the vulnerable in this case. Conferencing, Mediation and Conciliation.

ra 9344 essay

The participation of children in the program and policy formulation and implementation related to juvenile justice and welfare shall be ensured by the concerned government agency. For this purpose, Section 4 of Presidential Decree No.


RA 9344 only provides different process for child offenders

The LGUs, in coordination with the LCPC, shall call on all sectors concerned, particularly the child-focused institutions, NGOs, people’s organizations, educational institutions and government agencies involved in delinquency prevention to participate in the planning process and implementation of juvenile intervention programs.

The local social welfare and development officer shall supervise the implementation of the diversion program. Lack of cooperation of the child in conflict with the law. The great majority of them were in jail for minor crimes, most notably theft or burglary. Minimum Age of Criminal Responsibility.

The UN Reports stated that for many young people today, traditional patterns guiding the relationships and transitions between family, school and work are being challenged.

ra 9344 essay

It hinders children are going rssay and becoming in conflict with the law enforcer or the law enforcement officer to the law.

According to the UN Reports insome of the factors that affect child behaviors include: There are seven penitentiaries in the Philippines.

Advantages of Adult Criminal Court Sometimes, rx can be advantageous for a juvenile to be tried in adult court. These abilities, which are involved in criminal behavior, do not fully form until young adulthood, making early and middle adolescents ages especially vulnerable to risky and reckless behavior. Compliance to Requirements, Procedures for taking Child into Custody and 3.

ra 9344 essay

By Christine Anne Remitar. But there are also advantages to being tried in adult criminal court. What is the future of these children?

Youth policies seldom reflect an understanding of the role of the peer group as an institution of socialization. Keeping Decreerequiring the court to mandate the Social juvenile court hearings and records confidential was Worker to prepare and submit to the court a social case considered a natural and necessary component of a study report of the youthful offender and his family.

Simple lang ang buhay, ‘wag gawing kumplikado.: Reaction Paper daw!

Return of the Child in Conflict with the Law to Court. Even as this law attempts to help society get rid of children who are in conflict with the law, this Act still suffered from controversies from both the people and government officials because of the negative impact of imprisonment to children and to society in terms of criminality rate.


If the state is not prepared to help juvenile delinquents surely the crime rate will rise, because they are learning from the adults in the prison. The local council shall serve as the primary agency to coordinate with and assist the LGU concerned for the adoption of a comprehensive plan on delinquency prevention, and to oversee its proper implementation. Whenever the medical treatment is required, steps shall be immediately undertaken to provide the same; k Ensure that should detention of the child in conflict with the rssay be necessary, the child shall be secured in quarters separate from that of the 934 sex and adult offenders; l Record the following in the initial investigation: According to the Juvenile Justice and Welfare Act ofthe coverage of this law are: The lack of authentic documents also consider how they treated the child.

Child” refers to a person under the age of eighteen 18 years. The rule of hypothesis was tested using reliability is high except for items number 1, 9 and 10 0.

Figure 1; This figure shows youth referred to court for a delinquency offense for the first time before the age of 13 were far more likely to become chronic juvenile offenders than youth first referred to court at an 934 age.

The period of prescription of the offense shall be suspended until the completion of the diversion proceedings but not to exceed forty-five 45 days.