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Skip to main content. Computer Science and Engineering Review of the application will include review of credentials posted to the application at the time of that review.. You should list all subjects that do not appear on your transcripts. We organize activities to develop mentorships, friendships and to have fun! If you are a very strong candidate for admission and you have missing documentation, you will be contacted by our office by email. We know from experience that by the time they are ready to sign theses, supervisors know the grade.

Yes, but keep in mind that the applications are independent of each other. They must both be on acid free paper. When will I receive my decision notification? Waiting for Other People to do Their Part. Skip to main content. If you have started a master’s or doctoral program at another university, you cannot transfer classes or research credit with the intention of completing that degree at MIT.

Other students find it thesiss to start writing. LGO is designed for students with two or more years of work experience who aspire to leadership positions in the fields of manufacturing and operations.

Should I fill out the “Record of Subjects”? Is the deadline the same for the application and supporting documents? Listen carefully to your supervisor’s eecss for revision. You may hand in your thesis on any weekday during business hours, at any time of the year.

Electronic bio-sensors using synthetic biological transducers.

mit eecs thesis deadline

You may indicate that you applied earlier by checking the appropriate box. The Department signature Katrina LaCurts will be furnished automatically later. When you have completed the survey, please bring your survey receipt with your thesis and other materials to Bear in mind that some faculty are more accustomed to extensive two-year research masters theses, not the two to three term MEng thesis projects.


EECS is a substrate for innovation.


Check individual faculty websites for more detail. We expect applicants to deadkine earned a Bachelor’s degree by the time they register in EECS, and to possess a very strong background in math, physics, computer science, or engineering.

Your project will evolve as you progress. The applicaton fee helps to defray the cost of processing applications. Doctoral Thesis Proposal and Formation of Doctoral Committee The thesis proposal, including a designation of the Doctoral committee, must be submitted by the end of the eighth term registration day of the ninth term. Try to meet faculty, research scientists, and other students, and find out dezdline what they are doing.

On the front cover of each binder, tape a label containing your name. First-year fellowships and assistantships cover tuition costs, health insurance, and provide a monthly stipend. Should I list the subjects that I am currently taking dealine the “Record of Subjects”?

MEng Thesis Guide: Course 6 Thesis Policies and Procedures

They are usually people who work in the area and whose company is paying for tuition approx. List all in-progress courses in the “Record of Subjects” thesiz. Skip to main content. Decisions on support are made after decisions on admission and are based on the information supplied in the application for admission.


mit eecs thesis deadline

However, the online letter system will stay open for several more weeks. Two degrees in two years. If you are a very strong candidate for admission and you have missing documentation, you will be contacted by our office by email.

The online application requires a credit card for submission. A separate fee is required for each application. Online applicants should go back into their online application to verify submission and check for the number of recommendations that have wecs received.

Thesis Examination and Public Thesis Defense The thesis examination by the student’s Doctoral Committee should be held during the first half of the student’s final term. Do not trust anyone else to hand carry the grade sheet or let it be sent in the Institute mail. When you have done this, you will receive a receipt via email. Since we use express couriers such as FedEx and DHL for notifying admitted applicants, please try to avoid using PO boxes in your mailing address.

To what address should I send my final transcripts? Electrical Science and Engineering Fhesis