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It may be expensive or affordable, typical or exotic, and nutritious or not. The logo has stars in it which symbolizes excellency. Notify me of new comments via email. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. And to give the proponents the idea on how to satisfy their prospect customer needs and wants. The management is not complicated because partners are involved.

After the analysis of this study, the proponents agreed that the business is feasible. Particulars Quantity Cost Unit Some fill it with jams and spreads and some dunk it in their coffee, but it can be eaten as is– especially if it is freshly baked. Clearance to operate your business. Competitors Within a market, businesses are faced by direct competitors. Before beginning the work or preparing. Survey Form 14 V.

Food Technnology: Invasion of Malunggay Bread

We love to eat whenever and wherever we want to. Let the dough rest for an hour. She even mentioned that it was from his student who wanted to promote their family business product since it was Nutrition Mlunggay Celebration.

Included in the logo was an authentic photo of Malunggay Pandesal. The rental on the store will brear be a ticket, since we will be establishing our business on the road. Many experimentation in food making was done using malunggay leaves and other parts of it. Being full and at the same time being healthy. Clearance to operate your business. Promotion 29 XII. Thwsis may eat menus with vegetables and fruits, we may take vitamins or whatever supplement that we want or simply drink a lot of water just to gain and regain nutrients in our body.


Roll the dough until the malunggah is okay and ready to be bake. Ceiling Fan 00 00 3 2 67 33 Total 61, As a partnership, the business must be registered to Securities and Exchange Commission, before we can apply for Mayors Permit in the Municipality of Caloocan.

Involves the acquisition of the necessary equipment in the business as mentioned in technical aspect.

Form of Ownership The type of business ownership will be a partnership; in which partners pool money, skills, and other resources, and share profit and loss in accordance with the terms of the partnership agreement.

A good part of the answer really is in bread. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

(DOC) Feasibility Study of Malungay Pandesal | rodel isaguirre and Darlene Medina –

Our estimated capital is around PHP 1, In terms of prices, malunggxy business decided to increase our price based on inflation rate in order for us to give the same satisfaction to the customers as time goes by. It is therefore recommended that the project be put into operation. Advertisements shall be posted to places near the proposed store location. Place the dough in the bowl with cling film and let the dough rise to about twice its size.

It can be really difficult for vegetarians and vegans to get enough protein and enough vitamins and minerals especially the full complement of the B vitamins thssis the minerals that are suspended in animal fats.

Food Technnology: Invasion of Malunggay Bread | devcomconvergence

She is responsible for the overall supervision of the store and plant area. The production crew are responsible in the preparation of the Malunggay Pandesal and also they are in charge for the operation and maintenance in the production area of Dajerero. The dough can be kneaded malunggag hand or in a mixer with dough hook. Based on the survey, the respondents in the area where are we going to establish our business are willing and able to patronize our business. Number malunggah working days has been taken as with average 2 shifts per day.

  M101J HOMEWORK 2.2

Mixing or handling of any ingredients used in the production of bakery products, every person engaged in such work shall wash the hands and armsand after using toilets or water closet, every person therin engaged shall wash the hands and arms thoroughly and then rinse in clean water, and for this purpose the owner or operator tuesis the bakery shall provide sufficient facilities and post notes to this effect.

malunggay bread thesis

We follow this strict sanitation because we cannot afford to lose the trust of our customers, especially during the time that we are introducing the product. Some people also sell it through house to house using their bicycles or motorcycles. Preheat the oven at C.

Malunggay Bread Thesis Paper

We are easily pleased no matter how the packaging looks like. Executive Summary 4 II. Put the rolls on the cooling rack for minutes.

malunggay bread thesis

The company considers an ample time in preparing its complex financial statements that are used in decision making and are frequently the basis for judgement and predictions about the firm.