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At this stage, the small elastic volumetric strain at the onset of yield is given as Equation 5. They concluded that the proposed method of using the HME approach in 2D analysis gave a good agreement, especially when compared with the 3D approach and the field measurements. Accordingly, the standpipe piezometer on the land area and the electric piezometer under the river area were employed to measure the piezometric pressure of Bangkok subsoils. A total of six governing parameters, including gap parameter, anisotropic of soil elastic parameter, coefficient of earth pressure at rest K0 , plasticity parameters, grouting pressure and soil unit weight, have been considered in their study. Generally, the volume of the ground loss is equal to the amount of over-excavated or displaced material at the face. Suwansawat and Einstein also successfully adopted the superposition technique with the twin stacked tunnels in the Blue Line project; however, the sections, where a heave has occurred, are not suitable for this technique.

After that, the shield was re-assembled and the tunnelling re-commenced. The aquifer system beneath the city area is very complex and the deep well pumping from the aquifers, over the last fifty years or so, has caused substantial piezometric drawdown in the upper soft and highly compressible clay layer Figure 3. The hyperbolic function, as given by Kondner , for the drained triaxial test can be formulated as: Additionally, the maximum subsidence was of the order of 0. The Wat Mungkorn and Itsaraphap stations will be constructed using the cut-and-cover method. Karunawardena, WA [ Thesis-Abstract ].

Linear or non-linear elastic models 2. It is normally expressed as a percentage.

They come in a variety of size and shapes and have been extensively used in the beach industry, for over a century. At deeper depth, the OCR values of stiff to very stiff and hard clays are approximately equal to unity. The soil specimens tested in all undrained test series have the plasticity index of Therefore, the research work on various 2D methods is reviewed in detail. The second part is the major one and it relates to interpretation of oedometer and triaxial dissertaation parameters for Hyperbolic and Hardening Soil Model analyses.


The electricity demand dissertafion the world is drastically increasing mainly with the increased economic growth.

HSS Model Benz, The soil liquidity indices gradually reduce with depth to small values of close to zero in the stiff to very stiff and hard clay layers. Indeed, Hardening Soil model has developed under the framework of the theory of plasticity.

dissertation strain mrt

First, the initial pore pressure was assumed to be hydrostatic for the constant ground water level, at 1 m below the ground surface. The effectiveness is estimated by the rate of soil movement into the void. An analysis of drained materials is disseetation straightforward, as only the effective stress analysis using effective strength and stiffness parameters are used. These parameters are often costly and time consuming to evaluate.

The change indicates that the model has the capacity to be used for softer soils, including soft clay, with the aid of the Mobilised Friction Function Nordal, In the first analysis referred to as AJ4i in Figure 2. Contact Us Send Feedback. At a deeper depth, the resulting OCRs are less strakn one.

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After the values of the horizontal stress were obtained, the coefficient of the earth pressure at rest, Ko is calculated by: Various indirect laboratory techniques, i. Suwansawat plotted the dissertwtion parameter i in Peck’s empirical curve Figure 2. The sand is silty and poorly graded with silt, being yellowish brown to brownish gray in colour. The mean value is 0.


The possible reasons of this, in the case of CIUE test is that, incorrect values of dissertatiin correction may have been applied using the compression correction for the extension one. Results obtained from these solutions are presented in the subsequent chapters. The lower value approximately 1. If the analysis only focuses on the ground displacement and no dissrrtation of the lining stresses and moment are requiredthe analysis can be terminated after the required volume loss has been achieved.

The triaxial tangent modulus at any load increment Et can be calculated using the expression given by Changenamely: Average failure ratio of 0.

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Log In Sign Up. These modes can be used to evaluate, in a transverse plane, the degree of propagation of displacements initiated at the opening.

The dsisertation of initial drained modulus and drained modulus at 50 per cent ultimate strength for soft clay with OCR less than 2.

dissertation strain mrt

Also, large amount of undrained and drained triaxial test series conducted at AIT under the supervision of Prof. An influenced zone of approximately four times the tunnel diameter was observed in each analysis.