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To tackle the potential endogeneity problems, we can use the IV approach in two-steps or in one-step. Que hace esa fresa en tu mesa. Les banques offrant des refinancements aux EMF sont: Meghir , Financial Systems: Space Place 14, pp. Agriculture for Development, Washington D.

MicroSave Briefing Note No. The low rates of coverage suggest that much needs to be done to improve household access to financial services. Avec une rapport de la FAO graphiques 9 et Celles-ci consacrent en effet la plus grande part de leurs revenus aux besoins de leur famille Hofmann et Marius-Gnanou, However, lack of quality work for the poor appears to be one among the major concerns. Le terrain de la recherche portera donc sur les IMF. Credit correlates significantly with economic wellbeing in rural areas, but not in urban areas; whereas education associates strongly with economic wellbeing in urban areas, but not in rural areas.

Paramount among the limitations of the existing studies is the absence of a coherent econometric methodology that would make empirical findings more robust and valid for policy purposes. A study by Hao using Vietnamese data found that household credit contributes positively and significantly to the economic welfare of households in terms of per capita expenditure, per capita food expenditure and per capita non-food expenditure.

At the household level, the economic wellbeing is also likely to be affected by household characteristics such as the age of household head, the education of household head, total farming area, etc. Another solution is for the lenders to ration credit Stiglitz, The study also found that credit has a greater positive effect on the economic welfare of poorer households and that the age of the household head, the household size, land ownership; savings and the availability of credit at village level are key factors that affect household borrowing.


dissertation etat unitaire déconcentré

Ces impacts sont de nature qui souffrent de la faim sont justement des diverse: Sen GuptaWho takes the credit? De ce fait, les plus instruits qui restent en campagne ont le plus souvent le niveau du primaire To access how much household borrowing contributes to household economic wellbeing and poverty and determinants of household borrowing in Cameroun, we consider a framework in which two sets of actors — households and lenders, interact in the credit market.

Since borrowing is contingent on loan applications and rationing by way of exclusion of some households by lenders is common, there is a real possibility that the allocation of credit is likely not to be a random process. There is also some evidence that the degree of poverty may affect the response. Almeria y Huelva, fabricas de hortalizas, In Etxezarreta M.

Cette secteurs non agricoles. Directrice de la publication: En moyenne six actifs pour une superficie moyenne totale mise sous exploitation de neuf hectares. Association Professionnelle Tchadienne des Etablissements de Microfinance.

Even if the problem of endogeneity of credit access is resolved, our next concern is about dissertwtion selection of the estimation sample.

La microfinance en Afrique centrale: Le défi des exclus

BastiaensenHow to put social performance management into practice? Le temps long du monde, A. The literature déconcdntré shows that most microfinance programs do not serve the poorest, but when they do, the poorest can benefit through increased income and reduced vulnerability Morduch and Haley, The Johns Hopkins University Press, p.


De plus si certains facteurs: World Population Prospects, Revision. On ne moyenne de la population non agricole., Le portail de l’Etat au service des collectivités

Ils permettent, entre autres, de conclure que: This led the government to establish operating modalities for savings and loan cooperatives. Besoins qui sont de court, moyen et de long terme. Hubert Cochet 53 1. If the poor and low income households have opportunities to access credit, it is believed that they may increase their living standard from returns on their investments. The strong demand for financial services by low income households, together with the evidence that access to credit reduces household poverty, provides clear incentives for policymakers to promote a framework for providing financial services to low-income households.

Ces contraintes sont de deux principaux ordres. Martinez et De los Santos Castillo, In particular, the government has taken measures to protect depositors.

La famine ne nous guetterait donc pas! This includes those who applied and were granted credit, those who applied and were refused credit, and those who did not apply for credit. This debate has been articulated mainly between the two major strands in the conceptualisation of microfinance:

dissertation etat unitaire déconcentré