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I jel vam to pomagalo? The main part of the paper is the results, which focus on her proficiency in English and the sociolinguistic background of her language acquisition. A big help for him was a classmate of his who was of Croatian origin, who helped him by translating what other children and teachers had said. Makoni, Sinfree, Alastair Pennycook. To je puknulo ko

Immigrants very often mix their two or more languages, which is a phenomenon referred to as code-switching. She does not consider the standard variety to be better than dialects of the Croatian language. The words in English the respondent used while speaking Croatian belong to the first category. It is similar to the ideology of the native speaker. To je puknulo ko Zaizgovor mi je to jako puno pomagalo.

The respondent thinks it is very good that they work there because the children are taught the Croatian language. However, the sociolinguistic interview also has some limitations, since some vernacular forms do not appear during interviews, but only in peer conversation ibid, 5.

Nije istina da su Hrvati metnuli, uhvatili su ko je metnuo, ko je napravio ovo uhvatili, ko je napravio to i onda su vidjeli da moraju prestati s tim. A u vezi razgovora nema problema.

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One of the reasons was that she did not want other people to think she was showing off. Translated by Michael Holquist and Caryl Emerson. They took up a job as soon as they were able to and started dressing and acting similarly to others in Australia. Dynamics of Language Contact. She is aware that her production in English is not native-like. As the name itself suggests, it is only a fiction, because every language or dialect has variations within itself, at all language levels.


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Dvije godine je bila opcija ostati u Australiji. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email zza a reset link. The second part of the results deals with the ideologies that can be inferred from her statements and the influence English has had on her production in Croatian — code-switching, borrowings and compromise forms.

Quantitative and Qualitative Research Methods in Sociolinguistics. The interview was conducted on two occasions. As we can see in the Figure 1, since most of the Croatian immigrants arrived in Australia in the late s tsudy the early s, by now they could be retired and could have returned to their homeland. This situation is common among the immigrant spouses and it has been documented before.

Afterwards the respondent even mentioned that Croatians were not the only people the Australians disliked. It was his good will to teach her English and he did not benefit from it in any way. Wray, Alison, Aileen Bloomer. They showed they were keen to become a part of the society, since they did not show any kind of behaviour that would go against the established culture.

It is interesting that she does not consider it crucial to speak the language to be considered Croatian or Australian. A salient result which has been found in previous research is the one of fazgovoru broker and language breaker.

An open question allows the respondent to talk or write at length, and a closed question asks for a specific answer Wray and Bloomer I govori i razumije. This is the ashtray. U isti momenat sve je engleski.


WodakTherefore, it is crucial in looking into the relationship between extralinguistic and linguistic reality, which cannot go one without the other.

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I used my smart phone to record the interviews. Future research might focus on 1 caes all emigrants suppress the language of the country they emigrated to when returning to the country of their origin or not and why and 2 whether some emigrants really forget their native language and why some claim they do while others claim they do not.

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The schools are organized by the Croatian church communities in Australia and are usually situated somewhere near them. Labov30 Before we start the interview, we need to come up with modules or groups of questions about a particular topic.

He also said that it was very difficult for him to learn English when he first came to Australia and that he wanted to make it easier for her. The ideologies she promotes include the pluralist ideology, the ideology of assimilation, the heteroglossic ideology and the ideology of territorialisation.

case study na razgovoru za posao

Still, she would prefer if everyone spoke the standard variety, therefore she promotes the ideology of the standard language. The system of chain immigration was a very important cas for the early settlers.