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For example, although inventory management is not explicitly emphasized within the case, it is clear that the inventory of lighting and other equipment is a key decision for the hire and sales part of the company. This question can be used to discuss the issue of what a full understanding of operations and process management means in any business. The main point is to demonstrate that the two main processes are different. Does operations strategy make sense from the top and the bottom of the business? Artist groups and collectives.

This is why he started the company. Should all processes be managed in the same way? A diagnostic approach equips you with the questions to effectively assess and improve the operations and processes in your company. Develop the capabilities to There is very little evidence that Marco is yet thinking about the secure future business future in terms of operations capabilities. The company seems to be reaching the point where the requirements and objectives of both types of services, to some extent, conflict with each other. Using the case This is a general introduction case to operations and process management.

Dance wear and costume hire, buy shop for schools. Does operations and process management have a strategic impact? This question can be used to discuss the issue of what a full understanding of operations and process management means in any business. An alternative analysis is to use a polar diagram such as the one below.

Yet AAF themselves will also saf on this role for some clients.

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Are job designs appropriate? How are processes currently designed? He is also beginning to understand the nature of the relationships between the various processes within his business. What kind of job designs do the staff involved in each of dtudy processes require?


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It should attempt to control or minimize the cost base of the business. There are four processes mentioned explicitly in the case. Low volume, high variety, variation and visibility processes generally require flexible multiskilled staff with good customer-facing skills; processes at the other end of the dimensions require staff who understand the importance of dependability, adhering to the process and promoting efficiency. How much capacity should each operation eotterdam the supply network have?

An interactive study guide featuring video, animated tsudy, Excel spreadsheets and further examples provides practical guidance on core concepts and issues.

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These organizations may be serving the final client or the production company, but it is almost always important for AAF to develop some kind of relationship with them because they will be or should be collaborating to provide the final service.

In other words, move towards option b by focusing each process on what it should be good at. Supply network design Executive summary What is supply network design? He sees the company as growing and that changes will have to be made, but it is growth that is central to his thinking rather than developing unique capabilities that will protect him from competition in the future.

Interactive cases provide the opportunity to work through the decision-making process to solve operations problems. Operations and processes Executive summary What is operations and process management? The figure below summarizes each of these processes on the four V dimensions. This is a very important point to discuss at this stage in a course. In particular, the sometimes-conflicting needs of sales and hiring on one hand and production services on the other are becoming evident.

It should be able to develop the capabilities that will bring it more business in the future.

Operations and Process Management

However, the diagram below is one way of illustrating the various relationships between some of the significant players in the supply network, where the double-headed arrow means that either the flow of service is both ways or the nature of the relationship is one of collaboration rather than a straightforward supply of service.


So, at the first session, one could simply ask the students to read through the case and then use it to promote a general discussion on operations and process aqf during the session.

Of course, he may just wish to develop the business to a certain size and then sell it. wtudy

Rather it is a case that can be used to illustrate both the general approach to understanding operations as embedded in the diagnostic logic chain used in Chapter 1, and the nature of some general operations management issues such as focus. You can add this document to your study collection s Sign in Available only to authorized users. There are many ways of drawing the supply network for any type of business and this is also true for AAF.

A balance of service and manufacturing examples equips you with a practical and wide-ranging understanding of the material. Operations Management Nigel Slack.

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How should the supply network be configured? Calendar is subject to change. Should all processes be managed in the same way?

case study aaf rotterdam

Students can be encouraged to discuss this issue generally during the case debrief so that its inclusion in the course can be justified. Volume may be lower because not all clients require design services.